An artificial tree carries size and presence. They maintain an aura beyond the premium-quality artificial plant.

Needless to say, there is no fake plant more impactful in design than an artificial tree. Up to an incredible 10" high and above, you can find dozens of statement-ready fake trees and tall greenery from Artiplanto. Here are just a few of the best artificial trees for indoors.

Artificial Korea Bamboo Tree

The artificial Korea bamboo tree is one of the more different-looking plants. Each leaf is formed like a hand with fingers outstretched and stiff. Highly ornamental yet casual, you will find lots of coziness with a faux Korea bamboo tree in the room.

Artificial Monstera Tree

A fake Monstera tree carries its large, torn leaves inside a refreshing presentation. Use it in your background to fill the room with all sorts of greenery. The splashes of green make an easy consideration for many decorators and homeowners.

Artificial Banana Tree

An artificial banana tree has immensely long banana leaves wrapped in a summer-ready aesthetic. There is a lot of detail in this tree and enough to fool even a gardener into thinking it’s real.

Artificial Travellers Palm Tree

A faux travellers palm tree is a stunning choice for an indoor tree. Its leaves are large and extended. They have a tropical aesthetic but can be adapted to any home décor look. A travellers palm can be quite large in its spread, however, so be sure not to buy too large.

Artificial Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree

Here is another beautiful large fake palm tree, the artificial Hawaii Kwai palm tree. Big, wide, and bold, this is a highly attractive tree that comes in various sizes. Find the right shape to fit the uniqueness of your space.

Artificial Evergreen Tree

The artificial evergreen tree is a common houseplant. In tree form, the leaf formations are even larger. Season after season, the faux evergreen plant won’t quit on you. If you’re looking for something relatively safe design-wise to use in your home décor, an artificial evergreen is everything you’ll want.

Artificial Bird of Paradise Tree

An artificial Bird of Paradise tree leaves a lasting impression. The leaves are wide and do not require any sort of maintenance over time. They form a great focal point to put the eyes on. An attention-grabbing Bird of Paradise tree is a natural fit in a lot of rooms.

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Tree

Set the perfect tone for your space with one of the most popular houseplants of the past few decades, the artificial fiddle leaf tree. The fiddle leaf is a picturesque and shapely fake tree, exciting as an addition to any home décor style.

Artificial Olive Tree Plant

A faux olive tree puts on display fuzzy greenery on top of a long thin trunk. High-quality artificial plants like olive trees are used every day in commercial buildings. They may not suit residential settings but can work in the right circumstances.

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Andrew Lu