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Article: See Instagram’s Trendiest Faux Plants In 2021 From Artiplanto

See Instagram’s Trendiest Faux Plants In 2021 From Artiplanto

You can find premium faux plants from Artiplanto everywhere, from classrooms to work-from-home offices. They are the ultimate gift for those who don’t have the time to take care of a real plant or who just plain aren’t good at it. With immense appeal, a fake plant needs no maintenance. It’s a win-win.

Here are some of the trendiest faux plants in 2021 on Instagram, courtesy of the designers at Artiplanto.

Fake Fern Plant

Faux fern plants come in various sizes, shapes, and configurations. Their rich green and arching fronds are classic home décor. Ferns continue to carry a lot of attention and appeal, and are perfect for a bedroom, basement, or kitchen.

Faux Croton Plant

A faux croton plant brings with it vibrant color, pink-green leaves, and is one of the more ornamental plants on this list. If you’re looking for something to catch the eye and with enough energy to fill a space, try a fake croton plant.

Fake Dracaena Plant

A fake dracaena plant is one of the most engaging plants available and they look exquisite nestled into a room or office. For a light-hearted feel with greenery that doesn’t distract, a dracaena plant is a strong recommendation.

Fake Bird of Paradise Plant

Bird of Paradise plants are trending on Instagram in a big way. With their large and magical leaves to their striking figure, a faux Bird of Paradise plant injects a space with unforgettable greenery, acting as the centerpiece to any room it’s in.

Fake Cactus Plant

Cactus plants vary wildly in look. Faux cactus plants are no different. An unusual choice for a houseplant or artificial plant, cactus plants are captivating, dry, and dramatic. Find something small or look at some of the varieties with extended arms and branches.

Fake Travellers Palm Tree

A fake travellers palm tree is a very expressive tropical faux plant. With fan-shaped leaves in groups, the travellers palm is available in several sizes and make for the perfect way to set a summertime tropical mood year-round.

Fake Sansevieria Plant

A fake sansevieria plant sparks life. Aka a snake plant, this greenery has tall, upright leaves borderline succulent-esque. It’s a different kind of character amongst this selection of artificial plants that a select few will truly appreciate.

Fake Fishtail Palm Tree

The fake fishtail palm tree has some beautiful foliage to admire, resembling that of a fish’s tail. When discussing indoor palm trees, fishtails often get left out of the conversation. Not fair. They come across as airy, sophisticated, and can be made to look very dramatic depending on how one angles the stems.

Faux Hanging Plants

Are you on the lookout for something small you can fit into a tight space – check out artificial hanging plants. Set them on a hook and forget them. It’s easy! A faux hanging plant does not require any watering or light which makes them ready to be put almost anywhere, from dark corners to bright, sunny heights.

Find all these trendy artificial plants, Instagram fake plants, and more at, the top source in the US and Canada for premium-made, hand-crafted, and intelligently designed faux plants.

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