Make your own planter, they say! It’s certainly a nice idea. From salvaged hardwood or lumber bought from your local hardware store, creating and making your own planter DIY-style is a customizable way to make something tailored to your needs.

Don’t do it.

Hear us out. There are evidently several reasons why making your own planter is a natural want. There are also a lot of things that can go wrong and several reasons exist as to why buying a planter is a far better option.

Still not convinced – read ahead! Here are 7 reasons why buying a planter is better than making your own.

You Limit The Risk Of Flaws

Even the best builder can end up with a product that doesn’t quite work the way they intended.

A wood planter relies on the hardwood being quality and it isn’t always. You can also experience leaks, damage from the elements, and more.

You Don’t Have To Do The Work

If you aren’t a regular worker using hardwood, trying to make a planter out of the blue opens yourself up to a lot of potential issues.

Buying a planter online, you don’t have to do any of the work. The work can be immensely frustrating, from materials not behaving like they should to flaws in the actual design.

Wood Is Bulky

When you build a wood planter, chances are it’s to put it in one place in your garden. If it’s properly assembled, that wood planter is going to be immensely heavy and impossible to move should you ever need to.

When you buy a planter, there is some portability in mind. They tend to be a lot easier to handle in general.

You Sacrifice Style With A Make-Your-Own Planter

Some people absolutely adore the look of wood and it works in some aesthetics. Absolutely, it does!

Compare a DIY wood planter to a lot of the premium planters at, however. The difference is immediately apparent. You lose style. You lose a lot of personality. You don’t see wood being able to pull off the sort of handmade decor artfulness that a material like cement can.

You Get To Choose From More Than Wood

Wood can splinter. It can break. It deteriorates over time. No wood planter will last forever, particularly outdoors.

That said, there are dozens of alternative materials you can use for a planter. Brass planters. Cement planters. Natural planters, such as those made from high-quality bamboo, water hyacinth, rattan, or seagrass. And much more.

Wood Doesn’t Feel Natural Indoors

When you DIY build a wood planter, it’s really meant more for outside use than inside. For houseplants and the like, putting them in wood doesn’t really suit any aesthetic.

Even if a room isn’t meant to be the most stylish, you still don’t want salvaged wood hanging about with live or artificial plants in them.

Wood Isn’t Easily Cleaned

Wood can’t be cleaned very easily. It will always have some residue of what was inside it, particularly if it was left inside a wood planter for an extended period.

Brass, cement, glass, and even natural materials fare better in terms of tidying them up for another season.

Make it easier on yourself than having to build your own planter. Instead, shop through a mix of high-quality planters today at for your garden, backyard, or indoor houseplants. Find them in bamboo, brass, cement, and more.
Andrew Lu