We love have always imagined the idea of snuggling ourselves amidst nature around our house at some point of our life. However some of us have a green thumb and are great at taking care of live plants while others with not so much luck choose the best solution and adopt faux plants as they are better than the real thing in so many ways. 

Either way the idea still remains the same to decorate your personal space we all choose to add some greenery as it almost instantly creates a welcoming atmosphere. 

You might get surprised to find out how far faux plants have evolved over the years. Read on to know more about our top artiplanto faux plant recommendations that look so good, that even you will be tempted to water them. 

  • Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
  • The fiddle leaf fig tree is one of those trends that has just maintained its popularity and continues to charm any space so flawlessly that there is no close comparison. Its majestic appearance and easy to please upkeep makes it ideal for any space to make a lasting impression. 

  • Faux Potted Hanging Fern
  • If you are looking to transform the vibe of your space by snapping your finger, then a hanging potted fern is the best solution. It not only is a great alternative, but is a very effective way to add life without too much effort.

  • Artificial Potted Olive Tree
  • If you are looking for the next big thing after the Fiddle leaf then the Olive tree comes is the perfect faux plant for your space. It is close in competition for its beautiful appearance. It’s no care needed vibe, further seems to be one of the many reasons gaining its popularity in 2020. 

  • Artificial Monstera
  • Imagine you never have to do pruning yet can enjoy the benefits of the realistic Monstera in your space. This plant has a charm like none other which makes it a perfect addition in large and small spaces. 

  • Artificial Agave Tree
  • If your space is yearning something lush green badly then this is the perfect solution. Further they are available in various sizes at artiplanto which gives you the freedom to buy a faux plant online that best fits your space. 

  • Artificial Cactus
  • One of the most common faux plants that you can see in stores and in people's homes is a cactus. It looks great and is not too much maintenance. Plus it comes in various sizes and shapes so is a creative addition to any decor.  

  • Artificial Magnolia Tree
  • Not all faux plants have to be just green, add in the perfect strokes of colour with a Magnolia Tree. To further amplify its beauty this artificial plant looks great paired with handmade baskets or vibrant ceramic planters. 

  • Artificial Palm Tree
  • Do you have a calling for the beach? Then add a hint of the ocean charm by choosing a palm tree in your decor. You will be surprised how such a small addition makes a big difference. 

  • Artificial Banana Tree
  • If your space is too boring and you are looking to add a tropical flavour, then a Banana Tree is one of the best options. Its charming and elegant and almost so realistic that you may be tempted to water it.

    Alexandru Popa