Hanging plants are not just elegant looking, but they are an amazing way to create an indoor garden. They are getting popular also as they do not require too much attention. Plus the plants are above eye level so they are a great conversation starter. If you have pets, children or do not have a lot of floor space then read on to discover different ways to create a hanging indoor garden. 


Bags may not seem like the first choice — but not just any bag will work, so finding that perfect bag is very important. Further to make sure, you choose the best bags for artificial hanging plants, make sure to choose a natural material. When choosing bags look for something that looks elegant at the same time are lightweight, adjustable, and can be hung on pretty much will match alongside anything.

Ceiling treatment

The most effective way to display an artificial hanging plant is from the ceiling. This may seem too obvious and too much out there until you actually see it for yourself how elegant this small display technique makes a difference. 


As a ground rule plants both real or faux look great in a window. Further windows are one of the best locations to place a faux plant as they mimic a natural look and feel almost instantly. There is something charming when it comes to placing artificial hanging plants in a window. If you are opting for hanging planters that look elegant alongside a window — Artificial Hanging Fern plants are a great addition. 

Wall Planter

If you are a big fan of creating a plant wall or living architecture in your space then a wall planter is a great idea to flaunt hanging plants. You will need to choose artificial hanging plants of different sizes to mimic a natural look. Don’t be afraid to be creative, add some colour either by choosing bright coloured planters or plants that have colourful flowers, leaves.

A wall planter is also a great idea if you do not have a lot of room or just to create a more Feng Shui friendly atmosphere around your furniture yet bring in the nature with subtle elements. 

Vertical treatment

Whether your space is large or limited there is always a solution to bring in the natural atmosphere with hanging plants. A vertical hanger is a great way to create a creative yet perfect spot of artificial plants. Choose colourful flowers and grasses that will not only add a creative element but also help add some texture to your space. This is also a great solution if you live in a tiny home or looking to create a natural space in your home. 

Magnetic wall

If you are looking to configure your garden in a creative way — magnetic plates are a great way to stick planters.This is a great way to create a vibrant yet decorative natural touch in any space. 

Who said placing hanging plants is too difficult? We have not just simplified things and got you covered but have some creative solutions that are simple yet cool, so we hope you embrace our unique recommendations mentioned above with pride!

Alexandru Popa