One of the most common conversations around faux plants is there is a lot of resistance as everyone thinks “faux plants are tacky?”. It is a fair question to consider as there are a lot of options out there. 

Yet faux plants are always a preferred choice when it comes to decorating any space to add a modern look with a natural element. The main reason being faux plants do not demand too much attention. Also if you choose artificial plants that are made from quality materials and are fairly priced you will be surprised how well they work to charm your guests. 

Read on to know more about how to buy the best faux plants online that look natural and are elegant as the real thing. To ensure your plants do not look tacky keep in mind the following main things while you buy faux plants online. 


It's all about the quality of the faux plants you buy that will determine how they look and in the long run how long will they last. To ensure you buy the best quality artificial plants always find products that mimic the characteristics of the real plant so much so that they even confuse you. A great place to look for the quality is examine the symmetry of the stem and the leaves of the plant. 

Not all real plants look perfect so sometimes a little bit of imperfection is actually good. However, look closely to observe the fine lines on the leaves and the pattern of the material the whole plant is made from is it robust to withstand heat and sunlight. Most plants come with tags that clearly indicate which faux plants are ideal for an outdoor or indoor setup so follow those instructions as special materials are used to help them last long depending on the restrictions of their location. 

If you are choosing faux flowers or plants that have flowers, always choose for something that has buds, partially bloomed flowers and flowers of different sizes clustered together as this is how they would look like in reality. 


Finding a faux plant that is similar in colour to the real plant makes the difference from it being a dead give away that the faux plant is fake and not real. So choose wisely and pick a product that has the perfect colour combination. 

Especially if you are picking faux roses plant or orchid stems to add to your living room table pay great attention to the details the faux plant has then make the decision. Sometimes buying online is one of the best options as there is a great detailed description on the website with a ton of pictures to help your decision process easy and quick. 


Not all things expensive are good quality and this is where things can get a little tricky and again choosing to buy faux plants online can help you find artificial plants that look beautiful without having to spend a ton of money for them, plus with a little bit of upkeep they look charming forever! 

Alexandru Popa