After the December holidays, winter just seems to get tougher and tougher. The days are short, the weather’s cold, and the nearest holiday that isn’t based around love is St. Patrick’s Day awaiting in March.

Thankfully, each day that passes is a day closer to spring and in the spirit of looking ahead to better days, it’s never too early to start on a spring garden. A planter you can use indoors or outdoors is your first step.

Here are some colorful spring planters you can use this February to ready yourself for spring weather.

Brass Planter

Brass comes in all sorts of shades and tinges but a classic shiny brass planter is a favorite. With spring only about eight weeks away, you have plenty of time to figure out what planter you’re going to saddle up with this season.

Light-to-Dark Brass Planter

It’s very rewarding to make up your own planter with greenery of your choosing. If you want artificial greenery that really pops, the color from the planter shouldn’t be overly distracting or clashing. This light-to-dark brass planter works exactly that angle in a lovely and artistic design.

White-And-Teal Seagrass Planter

Instead of repurposing last spring’s pot or planter, buy a new one. This white-and-teal seagrass planter is a nice breeze of summer and warmer weather. The neutrals blend well with other neutrals in the room.

Seagrass Planter in Rattan Stand

Find a planter that speaks to you. This seagrass planter in a rattan stand is rustic and cottage-like. It’s perfect for a backyard or indoor by a window. If you’re looking to start an indoor garden from scratch, start with a fresh, trendy planter.

Grey Cement Planter

Sure, you hear ‘grey planter’ and understandably, you think it’s going to be a boring pot. Surprisingly, a grey cement planter from ArtiPlanto can be colorful. A tinge of rose grey over textured cement, this also is a color that fits well in with neutrals and any of a wide variety of themes.

Yellow Cement Planter

The last planter was a rose-y grey. This is a similar planter except it’s more of a sunny yellow, artistically faded. A yellow cement planter anchors your greenery in bright lights, kindly reminiscent of the sunniest days of spring and summer. Place it in a little bit of natural light and you will instantly brighten up any room.

Blue Universe Cement Planter

A blue universe cement planter is an artistic statement, with splotchy blues, yellows, and shades of brown. In a planter like this, you can set it up with a single fake plant or artificial tree, or coordinate a combination of greenery. If the latter is the route you take, be sure to lay out your plants with the tallest to the back and lowest at the front.

Visit ArtiPlanto this spring to pick up colorful, high-quality planters you can use with any artificial plants or real plants. Reach out to the new season, instead of letting the cold final weeks of winter dominate your day-to-day. Shop with ArtiPlanto today.

andrew lu