When is Earth Day – this year, it falls on April 22, 2021.

Though we associate Earth Day with green-friendly initiatives and naturally think real plants are preferable, you may be surprised to learn that artificial plants can sometimes be the more eco-friendly option.

If you’re not considering buying a fake plant for Earth Day 2021, here’s why you may want to.

They Last

Though cheap faux plants are prone to fading and deterioration over time due to the synthetic dyes used, premium-grade artificial plants are designed to remain lively and attractive for decades. Compared to living plants, you aren’t constantly replacing them when they wilt and fade.

They Look the Same As Real

Fake plant design has progressed to such an advanced degree that they’re now virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. In terms of looks, you aren’t missing anything choosing an artificial plant over a real plant.

More Eco-Friendly to Some

It takes a lot to grow a real plant. A lot of effort, water, etc. Then, they eventually die and a replacement is sought out. This takes a lot of energy. A faux plant for Earth Day 2021 is an affordable way to have a plant that does not take any more energy beyond its initial manufacturing, design, and creation

More Cost-Effective

Cost savings over the total lifespan of a premium artificial plant outmatch that of real plants. Constantly having to buy new plants and then tend to them with water, feed, and more is unaffordable to a lot of households. In cost, you are far better off with a premium fake plant. ‘Premium’ is important as anything less does not carry the same benefits.

No Maintenance, No TLC

A fake plant doesn’t need any watering, no special soil or grow food, and isn’t going to die no matter how bad it’s treated. You can leave it on your shelf for years untouched and it’ll still be living there doing its thing when you return to it.

Others Can’t Tell the Difference

A big worry with fake plants is that other people will be able to tell they are artificial. This isn’t necessarily the case, anymore. Especially when you go through a brand like ArtiPlanto, a faux plant looks as real and healthy as any other plant. An artificial plant gives the impression your home or business is well taken care of and lively. Even by touch, most people cannot tell the difference between a real plant and a faux plant.

You Still Get Some of the Health Benefits

A real plant can work to purify the air and do various things a faux plant obviously can’t. Fortunately, studies have shown repeatedly that faux plants have the same mental health benefits. In terms of keeping you focused, concentrated, inspired, and lively, artificial plants typically show no difference in that from real plants.

Join us this Earth Day at ArtiPlanto and set yourself up with an artificial plant. Add houseplants indoors or add a plant to your office. Used by home décor experts and professional interior decorators alike, ArtiPlanto is the top brand in beautiful, artificial plants in homes and offices countrywide.

andrew lu