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Article: Why Shamrocks Aren’t the Only St. Patrick’s Day Plant to Consider this March

Why Shamrocks Aren’t the Only St. Patrick’s Day Plant to Consider this March

What is the best plant for St. Patrick’s Day – shamrocks are what most would say. An assumed representation of the Irish, shamrocks are green and relatively easy to grow in North America. While a beautiful plant, shamrocks and four-leaf clovers are not the only plants you may want setting out in the March sunshine on St. Patrick’s Day. Here are some equally-green St. Patrick’s Day plants.

Fiddle Leaf Plant

You don’t have to be Irish to appreciate a fiddle leaf plant. A shapely, green year-round plant, a fiddle leaf is simple and with an understated charm. If you’re sticking with the green theme, choosing a fiddle leaf is a fine choice.

Sansevieria Plant

A sansevieria plant is a weaving succulent artificial plant for St. Patrick’s Day that creative types love. From thick faux roots up to the cut, pointed leaves at the end of strong stems crafted by hand, sansevieria are also known as snake plants and a healthy option to set out on the table throughout the month of March.

Bird of Paradise Plant

A Bird of Paradise has long, reaching leaves and is plucked from the long list of tropical houseplants common in North America. There are several similar plants to Bird of Paradise, with minor variations in distinguishing characteristics that can make combining them an interesting exercise.

Palm Tree Plant

There are dozens of palm trees and palm tree plants that range from very bare, wide-leaved plants to palm forms that are light and busy. A small palm is a nice way to share a little summer sunshine in a sometimes cold month. It is a great St. Patrick’s Day plant you can rely on.

Bamboo Plant

A Korea bamboo potted plant is a light, delicate plant that is pretty but which may not be your go-to on St. Patrick’s Day. That’s understandable. It doesn’t scream ‘Irish!’ exactly. Why it’s included on this list is due to its unique leaves and shape. A bit off-the-beaten-path, sometimes being different isn’t so bad.

Hanging Plant

A solution to those of us who aren’t living in large spaces where we can put plants, you can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with artificial hanging plants. These will hang from the ceiling or any hook. They take up no floor space but instead, are a nice way to spruce up a dark corner. Alternatively, they can be used to add a new perspective in areas where floor space is taken. Hanging plants that are artificial don’t need to be watered either so where you put it isn’t contingent on access.

Agave Plant

The agave plant is a pointy, spiky plant that harkens to more tropical regions. A faux agave doesn’t rely on the work of florists or nurseries to keep alive. Have your agave looking its best in perpetuity. This St. Patrick’s Day, build out your plant collection with a striking fake plant like this agave.

Evergreen Plant

An evergreen plant is a classic houseplant. A mixture of light to medium-dark greens, in the daylight, evergreen looks best. A familiar St. Patrick’s Day plant like four-leaf clovers sit well alongside evergreens.
This St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate it with greenery and faux plants from ArtiPlanto. Order your favourites today.

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