Every plant parent has their favourite. A plant they’re particularly proud of, for how strong it’s performed, for its beauty, and/or for what it brings on a daily basis to their garden. When it’s rehoming time, here are some minimalist planters to put your best plants into.

Isha Planter

The Isha planter is a braided planter on a black stand. The Isha brings nature indoors, with all-natural material forming the planter. If you want to maintain a more rustic, natural aesthetic, braided planters are the way to go.

Bomba Planter

The Bomba planter has playful pom poms on its outside. Made from seagrass, this basket is advisable to anyone who wants something minimalist but still a little quirky and fun. It isn’t overwhelming in its design either which is not to distract from the plant that is to be put inside.

Cobra Planter

The Cobra planter is a very special seagrass planter with protective bagging inside, extensive stitching through the material, and a clean minimalist design on its outside. This is a very intricate piece and one that’s a beauty to raise your houseplant in.

Atzi Planter

The Atzi planter is the only brass planter to make this list. Featured on a wooden stand, this mid-century brass design is a stunning minimalist achievement. The detail is there if you look for it, however, upon first glance it blends in well with its surroundings.

Isak Planter

The Isak planter is a little on the busy side for a minimalist but altogether, it’s just white lines done by hand on a seagrass basket. The white decorations on the outside can vibe with other home décor you have nearby.

Zamora Planter

The Zamora planter is one of the best cement planters. Sturdy, weatherproof, and still portable, the Zamora is the perfect home to set your plant into. Influencers in the plant and gardening communities love cement planters, and we don’t blame them! If you’re at a loss for what to purchase for a planter, start with cement.

Rafa Planter

The Rafa planter is a beautiful, round water hyacinth planter. This hand-weaved planter is a knockout. Millennials love this one. For plant lovers and garden enthusiasts who want to have a dry, summer feel year-round, you get that in a planter like the Rafa.

Anto Plante

The Anto planter is one of the more popular black cement planters. Black cement is perfect for more deeper, darker gardens or aesthetics where you want a slick, professional, and luxurious appearance.

Margo Planter

The Margo planter is a white bamboo floor planter, available in various sizes. Perhaps the most minimalist planter on this list, Margo is plain white. They let the plant take center stage while contributing curb appeal so to speak, a perfect addition to the main area of a home.

Selecting a planter is as personal a decision as buying a plant itself. Fortunately, there’s a wide selection of amazing planters out there to enjoy and consider for your indoor or outdoor plant escape. To suit your needs and your available space, shop brass planters, cement planters, seagrass planters, and more at Artiplanto.com.
Andrew Lu