The words ‘antique’, ‘old-style’, and ‘traditional’ are often used to describe certain types of rugs. Though highly artistic and sometimes penetratingly colorful, you may not think old-style rugs complement modern-contemporary minimalist design. Yet somehow it does.

There is no rulebook suggesting minimalism has to retain ‘new’ and ‘what’s trending’ as its principles.

Even décor with some age or a look and feel that isn’t inherently modern can look timelessly beautiful in the right minimalist context. Here is how to do exactly that with old-style premium rugs.

Give It Space To Breathe

You don’t want a room looking like an antiques store or a thrift shop. Lay down your rug and provide it its own visual pedestal on which it can exist uncluttered. Ensure elements, including furniture, are distanced apart.

Ensure Furniture Is Fully On Your Rug

From a functional standpoint, be sure your area rug is large enough to have all four legs of any furniture on it. You don’t want furniture or items partially on/off. This will make it look like the furniture’s floating on the rug. It’s not a good look.

Make A Room Light Or Dark

You can set a ‘light’ or ‘dark’ tone for a room by what premium rug you place inside. Woven wool rugs are best for this. They are thick and can be very dark, adding a sense of scale to your minimalism that may not have previously existed.

Treat Rugs As Artwork For Your Floor

Rugs are created as art. They are self-expression, especially those handmade. Think of it like artwork for your floor and no different from hanging art on the wall. Don’t highlight a rug in this vein, surrounding it with white space as well as complementary textures, colors, and shapes.

Minimize What’s Old In The Room

You don’t want to begin filling a space with antiques. This is what will make it look old and traditional. Pick and choose any décor items that have some age on them. A rug that looks modernly worn can work so long as it’s being surrounded by a clean-looking minimalist-friendly aesthetic.

Minimalist Abstract Works

There are some masterpiece-level abstract premium linen rugs that work exceptionally well in minimalism. If you cannot find a more traditional antique rug that works, expand the search. Artistic, warm abstract rugs can frame minimalism well and be used either submissively or dramatically depending on the nature of the look you want.

Acknowledge The Submissiveness Of Color

A bold color, we can’t help but submit to. Any sort of boldness on a rug will pull the room in its direction. For example, a bright red rug is going to dramatically alter what’s going on in a bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Try to find a rug that’s relatively neutral, where you have to search for its charm rather than have it hit you on the head from the moment you enter.

A lot of homeowners jump to modern-minimalism and buy very standard décor, not wholly understanding that minimalism is just a jumping-off point. It’s not the whole story. If you don’t provide it with a personality, it’s not going to have one. Shop premium linen and wool rugs at and find a rug that contributes something extraordinary to your room.
Andrew Lu