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Article: The Premium Fake Plants That You Will Love in 2020

The Premium Fake Plants That You Will Love in 2020

The Premium Fake Plants That You Will Love in 2020

Without any doubt 2020 has brought upon a lot of firsts as well all have stayed home due to the pandemic situation the entire world faces together as one big family. Something that has not changed amidst all the uncertainty and does not have much due recognition and has been forgotten in all the chaos are; artificial plants. 

The most simple and elegant way to bring in nature and embrace all of its attributes instantly is by choosing premium fake plants. Read on to discover some of the premium fake plants of 2020 and how to adopt their charm into your decor scene with ease. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig 

Searching for a crowd-pleaser which makes a better statement than the real deal; Look no further than the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. Although there is a huge selection when it comes to artificial plants; but among many things— the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree is one of the top must-have artificial plants to have, when it comes to decorating any space with a natural touch. Further as it has the elegance and charm that cannot be replaced by anything. There is no comparison to a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree and which is why it is often known as the beautiful mess by professional decorators. 


Looking for a showstopper for your space, it does not have to be so difficult; if you enjoy irregular shapes, then a Philodendron is the best choice. It looks almost very identical to a heart, green rounding out foliage makes the artificial Philodendron establish a special space that can never be replaced by anything else. Pairing it with the right planter and furniture is the best way to flaunt it like a real plant. 


Are you thinking about creating a focal point? Monstera is a great way to add a tropical flavor in your living room or even the window sill. As the leaves are vibrant green and large make sure to clean them thoroughly to ensure there is not a pile of dust. A damp cloth is a great way to clean the oddly shaped perforated foliage and remove dust debris. The real plant is usually tall with leaves that flaunt grace and elegance, so feel free to choose the tall plant to mimic the look of the real plant with a poise. 


Every faux plant has its own flair to add; when it comes to a palm tree it is that special plant that fits in any atmosphere whether you are yearning for tropical, subtropical, desert it blends well with it all. Less is more when it comes to choosing the perfect palm tree for your space. 

If your home or office is yearning for an instant makeover choose the artificial plants, that create a flawless fashion statement with ease. Our recommendations mentioned above will help you to create natural heaven; as well as help style your space like a pro simple and handy tips! 

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