Are you yearning for some outdoor greenery and longing for a splash of nature? You are not alone, but finding that perfect faux plant for your home office does not have to be daunting at all. Due to all the COVID19 restrictions and ongoing social distancing we all are in this together as many have transformed their homes into office spaces. An artificial faux fern is the perfect fix which can effortlessly transform your home office into a jungle almost instantly. 

The next question in mind may be why a fake fern plant for home office when there are so many options out there? It's the beauty that pairs well with ease in any home office and they do not need pricey planters to augment their charm. All you need is the perfect placement and admire the charismatic aura the plant displays in your home with its simple yet bold looks. 

Asparagus Fern 

Loved for its evergreen looks, this faux fern is very popular when it comes to small yet modern office spaces. Further it is one of the first choices for an office space that is looking to include a faux plant that compliments its surroundings with ease. It gets its name from the delicious vegetable (asparagus) that is favourite of many. Although the Asparagus Fern is available in many sizes, always choose something that is not too big. Also don’t be afraid to choose an Asparagus Fern with flowers or berry as it is a rare find but an absolute charmer.  

Boston Fern

Popularly seen in almost all office spaces a Boston Fern is the must have faux fern when it comes to a home office. As it not only blends in well the aesthetic colour contrast of your home office but further adds the splash of freshness and creativity with ease. Its curly leaves are so mesmerizing that often to make it a showstopper of any office space a Boston Fern can be seen hanging in a delicately wrapped planter. Its vibrant green appearance is so much adored that often it is even placed on uniquely shaped tables as a centerpiece to make it the talk of the water cooler. 

Button Fern 

In the true sense beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but after looking at the oval-shaped leaves a Button Fern flaunts with pride you might have to make some tough choices when choosing a faux fern for your home office. If you are looking for something that is flashy yet contains the poise of a fern then a Button Fern is a perfect fit of your home office. 

Whether you are looking to flaunt a traditional work desk with a table and chair and the whole shebang of stationary that mimics to its best your workspace or create a cozy shrine with the bare essentials alongside your bedside with a small computer or laptop a faux fern works well. As its simplicity is the bold statement that makes any faux fern you choose for your home office a valuable asset. 

Alexandru Popa