As you’re writing up your wish list for Black Friday 2020 deals, home décor and fake plants are must-see categories this fall.

Now’s the perfect time to buy a Bird of Paradise plant. A big, bold plant like this is well-suited to any home or office looking to spruce up their look with something that’s easy to care for and impactful.

There’s no shame in buying fake plants and this Black Friday might be the best time to jump in. Here’s why.

Fake Plants Look More Realistic than Ever!

Plants are forever-stylish. In the past few years though, some of the popularity has shifted to artificial plants.

These aren’t the fake plants of yesteryear. Premium-made and handcrafted, these are insanely close to the real thing in touch and feel. A gardener virtually couldn’t tell the difference.

The greatest thing about a fake plant is you get the visual impact of a faux Bird of Paradise in all its glory indefinitely. It will never yellow, wilt, or fade.

Even if you’ve struggled in the past with growing plants indoors, an artificial plant like this contributes the desired aesthetic with none of the commitment.

Why the Bird of Paradise is a Great Starter Artificial Plant

A Bird of Paradise plant doesn’t grow naturally in most parts of North America. Yet, it’s a stunning plant that decorators love.

Native to South Africa, the name comes from the unusual flowers it produces. The artificially-crafted Bird of Paradise adopts a greenery-first approach and moves away from the characteristic flowered look.

The large leaves of a Bird of Paradise are similar to banana plants and form an excellent houseplant backdrop for an office, bedroom, or general living area.

This isn’t a very showy plant in the sense that it doesn’t pop with color like others do. It’s not designed to be though. A Bird of Paradise is for those who love the tropical plant look, with beautifully large green leaves, a real trunk, and a nice planter to match.

Why Black Friday Faux Plant Deals Are the Time to Buy

Black Friday is a big day for tech but it’s so much more than that.

ArtiPlanto, North America’s ultimate source for fake plants, is offering big sales on select plants in addition to other home décor pieces such as rugs.

Black Friday 2020 will be the biggest sales event yet, not only for us but all of North America!

With many of us still cooped up and isolated from the lifestyles we used to lead, this Black Friday is an opportunity to forget about COVID-19 for a bit and just shop. Save money, buy a few fake plants to freshen up your home’s look, and get some Christmas and holiday shopping done.

Look for your favourite Black Friday deals and be ready when the price drops come November 27, 2020.

Shop with ArtiPlanto. Even if you have a full plate, you don’t have to worry about caring for an artificial plant. The Bird of Paradise is an unmistakable pretty plant perfect to deck out your home in. Drop by this fall and pick up yours.

andrew lu