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Article: Your Black Friday Plant Buying Guide

Your Black Friday Plant Buying Guide

Your Black Friday Plant Buying Guide

Black Friday is very, very soon. Just a few weeks away, in fact. This year’s Black Friday falls on November 27, 2020.

Now’s the time to bookmark your favourite faux plants from ArtiPlanto and save them for the official start to the holiday shopping season.

But what fake plants are on Black Friday sale this year – see $100s off our top sellers and more.

Here’s your artificial plant Black Friday guide and everything you need to know about our recommendations.

Faux Fern Potted Plant

A faux fern is very expressive and fills a space with vibrant greenery. Hyper-realistic fake plants like the fern are in high-demand.

Once a forbidden topic, artificial plants have made a huge comeback this past decade with uptick in interest from millennials. Faux ferns make up just a portion of the Black Friday deals at ArtiPlanto. See dozens of similar plants on sale for a limited time.

Faux Rubber Potted Plant

A rubber plant is one of the top fake plants of 2020. A relatively easy plant to duplicate in appearance, rubber plants make up some of the most realistic potted plants on the market.

You don’t need a green thumb to take care of an artificial plant. Add a rubber plant to your space and instantly make the room feel brighter, cozier, and more alive. An essential piece to home décor, faux plants like the rubber plant are a go-to for interior designers.

Faux Monstera Potted Plant

A Monstera plant comes with its characteristic leaves, all handcrafted and carefully formed.

Attention to detail in the faux Monstera is given not only to shape and color but also in the naturally-made openings along the distinct edges of various vines. The perfect alternative to growing plants that are eventually going to fade and wilt, an artificial Monstera from ArtiPlanto always looks exceptional.

Faux Fiddle Leaf Plant

Buying an artificial fiddle leaf this Black Friday is a sure bet on a modern, stylish fake plant suited to any home or business.

Choose the size you want and station your houseplant where it fits. Fortunately, with any faux plant, gone are the times where you had to be very, very careful in where it went. A fake plant lasts forever. Consider the fiddle leaf about some of our other favourites.

Fake Snake Potted Plant

At first glance, a snake plant reaches to the heavens almost like a climber but also resembles a succulent.

Faux snake plants are a unique Black Friday plant sale. With a lively, happy look, it can be reshaped according to the desires of the owner. Whether you’re a fake plant pro or not, sansevieria plants are a fine addition to any desk, dining table, side table in the living room, bookshelf, or anywhere you decide to place it.

Anyone can take care of a fake plant! Watch them shine in all their greenery. Each with a personality entirely its own, find yours this Black Friday. Become a proud faux plant parent and have a happy artificial plant waiting for you at home year-round. Shop ArtiPlanto this November 27.

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