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Article: When Is Cyber Monday and What Products Should I Buy for 2020

When Is Cyber Monday and What Products Should I Buy for 2020

When Is Cyber Monday and What Products Should I Buy for 2020

Cyber Monday 2020 occurs on Monday, November 30. The first Monday after Black Friday, the occasion that is Cyber Monday is all about sales, discounts, promotions, and early Christmas shopping.

If you haven’t yet started shopping for Christmas deals and sales to capitalize on, start this November.

You could save $1,000s on gifts you’re going to purchase anyway for family, friends, and even you.

Cyber Monday deals are mainly tech-based but there are a lot of others that aren’t getting anywhere near enough attention.

Why Fake Plants and Cyber Monday Make A Great Pair

Cyber Monday in and of itself is ‘cyber’ but hey, when you’re surrounded by computers and technology, it doesn’t hurt to slip in a little greenery here and there.

Artificial plants sit in offices, home theater systems, and in all sorts of living spaces. Why they’re advantageous to have is that they don’t need any watering, fertilizing, or moving around the room to get enough sunlight. Fake plants aren’t living. They just are.

Of course, we aren’t talking about cheaply made imported fake plants. Leave those to the bargain bin.

High-quality, premium-made, and handcrafted faux plants from ArtiPlanto are on sale in a big way. Browsing artificial plants, you will find hundreds of varieties and hundreds of deals.

Come Cyber Monday, help us blow through our inventory and get out some plants, flowers, greenery, and more to homes and offices all over North America.

What Artificial Plants Are On Cyber Monday Sale?

  • Artificial philodendron plants are beloved. From their iconic leaves to varying sizes, philodendron plants can be put into various situations and work well aesthetically. Think coffee tables, nightstands, or kitchen countertops.
  • Hanging plants come in a wide array of looks. They droop down, are jungle-esque, and neatly fit into tight spaces you wouldn’t normally be able to sit plants in. Cyber Monday 2020 is going to be a big win for hanging plants. 
  • Succulents can be coordinated or exist on their own. The handcrafted detail and outstandingly realistic textures mean that there’s no difference between ‘real’ and ‘artificial’. When in doubt, try a succulent on Cyber Monday.
  • Artificial grass is simple, tall, and looks spectacular on the corner of a desk or in the bathroom. Grass can give a surprisingly impressive shape and is a great start to your journey through faux plants.
  • Artificial fiddle leaf figs are slightly larger than most of the fake plants on this list. They’re very trendy right now in the plant and interior decorating communities, especially when paired with a modern, minimalist-inspired planter.
  • Dracaena fragrans potted plants are very decorative and feel real to the touch. An artificial plant like this can be placed in any basket or planter. An alternative to the Dracaena fragrans potted plant is an artificial Monstera palm tree, a large and vibrant statement plant for any home, office, or outdoor setting.

Catch all these Cyber Monday deals this November at ArtiPlanto. Find artificial plants, baskets, planters, and more. Don’t let the coronavirus-induced boredom bring you down. Shop your favourites at ArtiPlanto today.

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