Brass is a truly beautiful material. Surprisingly, it’s not often thought about when thinking about planters. A person might gravitate towards a seagrass basket or a cement planter, ceramic planter, or bamboo planter, but brass planters are not often included in the mix of preferred planters. Despite this, brass is actually one of the best plant stand materials for faux plants. Here’s why.

It’s An Amazing Aesthetic

Brass is a premium material and there is no disputing how beautiful it is. There is a reason that premium brass cookware is so highly priced. Brass planters fit this same mold of aesthetic and beauty in its appearance.

They Add Beauty As They Age

A lot of people say that brass planters grow prettier with age. Unlike other planters, your brass planter is not prone to damage and if you hold onto it, you will only see it grow into adding character, luxury, and an absolutely classic feel to your artificial plants, flowers, and trees.

They Work At Any Size And Plant

Some planter designs are very specifically made for small or large plants. Brass is adaptable. A skilled brass worker can weather the brass or make patterns in it to make it resemble anything imaginable.

They Do Not Corrode

Brass planters are treated in a specific manner to ensure that they do not corrode over time. Corrosion, understandably, is a major concern for a lot of people who have metal around moisture-heavy plants or in their gardens. A proper premium brass planter has been treated to minimize this risk.

They Are Highly Durable

Brass is a strong, durable material. It’s not going to shatter like glass. It’s not going to snap and wear down over time like bamboo. You can’t drop it like ceramic and see brass chip. It’s also lighter than a cement planter. In terms of weight-to-strength and overall durability, brass is a winning material for a planter.

Faux Plants Don’t Need Drainage

A reason why some real plant lovers avoid metal planters, natural planters, and other planter materials is because moisture can impact them in a very real way. Fake plants, however, don’t need watering. In fact, you shouldn’t water an artificial plant for any reason. This means no drainage holes and no contact with moisture. A high-quality brass planter cup is perfect for an artificial plant of this type.

It Adds To Your Plant’s Presentation

Some planters are so bland in their appearance that they are almost non-existent. They fade totally into the background and it’s as if they aren’t even there. On the other end, there are planters that are so colorful and amazing to look at that they are distracting. A brass planter somehow walks the tightrope, adding just enough color and prestige but that isn’t overly attention-grabbing. All of the attention still stays on your plant. is known to specialize in artificial plants and we know our stuff. Brass planters are among the best planters available for fake plants. Search and buy brass planters online today from and have them delivered to your front door with your favourite faux plant. A brass planter and any of our fake plants make for quite the pair, we promise!

Pedro Capitao de Salles