A palm tree is a tropical plant. It is used to lots of moisture and sunshine. If you can’t recreate conditions like these indoors, the likelihood of being able to sustain long-term a palm tree is not promising.

Fortunately, despite the name, a travellers palm tree is not a true palm. Look at it closely and compare it to other varieties of palm trees. It doesn’t quite look like it, does it? The branch structures and foliage are notably different.

The name ‘Travellers Palm’ comes from how it grows. The foliage tends to grow out in an east-to-west direction. This is how it naturally happens. If you get a faux travellers palm tree, as you’re reshaping it, to give it a real travellers palm aesthetic, maintain this sort of division with the branches and foliage. In its natural habitat, travellers who didn’t know where they were could understand their direction by examining a travellers palm tree. It worked just like a compass for these people.

How You Can Use A Travellers Palm Tree As An Indoor Plant

A travellers palm tree can survive as an indoor houseplant so long as it’s treated right.

As they are quite sizeable, ensure you have them in a large indoor space. Ideally, it will have windows large and bright. Floor-to-ceiling windows are great for this. During summer, a travellers palm tree can be moved outdoors, however, they will not survive winter so must be brought in during the colder months. Once the temperature starts to drop below 10-12 degrees, this is extremely bad for a travellers palm and it should be brought in immediately.

Treated right as a houseplant, you can expect a travellers palm to grow to about 2.4 metres in height at the very most or as little as 0.9 metres. They also tend to grow fairly quickly so be ready to do some trimming if you want to keep it in a specific shape. Please note, there is no way to minimize the height without cutting it down or limiting the height. If you do not have a space to accommodate the full shape of a travellers palm tree plant, it may be best to look to other common houseplants.

Here are some other things you can do to ensure your travellers palm is well taken care of year-round indoors.

  • Apply mild liquid fertilizer on a monthly basis.
  • Water on a weekly basis. You want the soil to be kept moist and fertilized at all times.
  • Ensure the soil it is potted in is organic-rich and well-drained.
  • Be prepared to drill holes in your planter for drainage if there are none there as drainage in important.
  • Repot every two years in the same container or a container slightly larger than the diameter of the roots.

  • Try A Faux Travellers Palm Tree Plant Instead

    If you want to take a lot of the work out of it, you can find a realistic-looking artificial travellers palm tree plant that is indistinguishable from the real thing. A faux plant, you do not need to fertilize, water, or repot. It will never yellow, wilt, or die. It’s a great long-term investment.

    Visit Artiplanto.com today to see a mix of faux travellers palm tree plants and consider the advantages of going with an artificial plant.

    Pedro Capitao de Salles