Any plant parent to a cute little snake plant will tell you how easy they are to take care of. Watering them every once in a while is really all you need. 

Even so, a lot can go wrong. Water them too much and that’s a problem. If your planter isn’t draining properly, the moisture isn’t escaping and you can accidentally drown your plant. Disappointment can set in if you happen to knock over your planter and spill your snake plant. Young children and having pets around increases this risk.

There is also the matter of snake plants being poisonous if ingested. An ingredient found in the leaves can cause the tongue and throat to swell as well as nausea and vomiting, something incredibly dangerous to small pets who do not have to eat very much to get these unfortunate effects.

All in all, for these reasons and others, an artificial snake plant may be worth buying over a real plant.

Fake Plants Are So Easy To Take Care Of

In the early days of taking care of faux plants, a lot of people are surprised by how little you’ve got to do.

There is really no maintenance involved with an artificial plant because nothing’s organic or requires tending to. You can leave a fake snake plant alone for years, dump it in a closet, or absolutely forget about it wherever it’s set in your home, and it’ll be fine. A real plant can’t claim the same.

If You Really Want To Buy A Snake Plant…

If you absolutely love the look of a snake plant, you’d be surprised by how much realism an artificial sansevieria plant captures.

Don’t discount the appeal and charm of fake plants. That said, you will want to find a realistic-looking artificial snake plant and to do that, we recommend avoiding general merchandise retailers and hardware stores. Find a specialty plant store, like, where you know the brand’s built off the high-quality of their faux plants.

Have The Snake Plant Size You Want

Another beautiful aspect of an artificial snake plant is that they do not grow. You buy them at a size that they are to remain in perpetuity.

Wherever you have set aside to put a faux plant, you don’t have to worry about a snake plant outgrowing this area or looking small and awkward. When you go with an artificial plant over a real one, what you’re getting is essentially a home décor piece that maintains the same appearance at all times.

Faux Plants Are Non-Toxic

A faux snake plant is non-toxic which is, arguably, the ultimate benefit if you have a child or inquisitive pet. If either decide to ingest any of the snake plant leaves on your fake sansevieria plant, you don’t have to worry about having to take them to the hospital.

This nips the whole ‘poisonous plant’ question in the bud right away. You can put a large sansevieria plant on the floor in its own standalone planter and don’t have to wonder about it harming anyone.

These are a few of the pros and cons to faux plants, and ultimately is why artificial snake plants are worth buying in our view. Shop premium, handcrafted faux snake plants, fake sansevieria plants, and more at
Pedro Capitao de Salles