An increasingly common home décor purchase for homeowners and millennials are artificial plants and trees.

A natural-looking, realistically-designed artificial tree is large, expressive, and captures all the amazing detail of real plants without putting the role of ‘tree keeper’ on you. If you have a schedule that’s already busy and you don’t have time for real plants, a fake tree is more than a suitable replacement.

When you buy and receive an artificial tree from at your home, potting your artificial plant inside a planter is among the first things you will want to do.

A lot of beginners with faux plants forget that they have to find a planter, basket, container, or something similar to put their artificial tree in. If they don’t have a planter, there really isn’t an acceptable method of presenting a faux tree, unless you choose to plant it outdoors in the ground.

Here is what to do to get started.

Buy A Planter

You will want to buy a planter to get going. Hopefully, this is something you did while buying an artificial tree.

If it’s a large faux plant, ensure you have a heavyweight planter that isn’t going to topple over. Cement planters. Brass planters. Ceramic planters. These are the sort of materials to look for, selecting a planter for a large and tall artificial tree.

Place Your Planter

Place your planter where you want to put your artificial tree. Once the tree’s potted, it’ll be extremely heavy and more difficult to move than before.

Though deciding where to put a premium faux plant is a major decision, it’s never going to put your plant at risk. An artificial plant can survive in however much sun or darkness it’s in. You do not need to worry about where’s the most likely place that it’s going to stay alive in, unlike real greenery.

Place Your Tree In

Place your tree inside the planter and stand it up. Have a look. If it’s a large planter, you may choose to prefill it. During this process of evaluating how it all looks, you can try your tree at different heights in the planter.

If you do not like where it sits naturally, you can remove or add more fill, easily adjusting where how tall it is.

Once you are satisfied with height, start bending the branches of the tree and create the aesthetic you want for your plant. This is done much the same way you would a Christmas or holiday tree, in case you are wondering what the best approach is.

Add Weight And Decorative Topping

Think of how you want to weigh down the planter. You can secure an artificial tree using sand, mud, decorative slate, stones, bark, and similar materials. These can be placed inside while adding dirt and the like.

In terms of what the topping should look like, you can do almost anything here. Be creative. Decorative stones work. Artificial moss and grasses are common. You can opt for other less-common materials as well, such as glass, metals, woods, and the like. This is more for the decoration and presentation of your faux plant rather than serving a function.

Down to the simplest detail, that is how you pot an artificial tree. It is so easy to do once you decide what you want your tree to look like. Shop artificial trees and more at today.
Pedro Capitao de Salles