Modern-minimalist interior design comes with a lot of rules, recommendations, and trends to weave in and around one’s own personal preferences.

If you’re short on how to apply linen rugs and wool rugs within your home décor, try these contemporary interior design tips.

What’s Your Reason?

There are three main reasons why rugs get used from an interior design perspective – to redecorate, to update a space, or for function. Understand which one of these is your rug’s purpose.

To Redecorate

If you’re redecorating with rugs, this gives you the widest palette of options to consider. It’s all personal preference. Trust your eye. Trust your style. Choose a rug that suits you. Add a new dynamic to your space without interference from any modern trends or interior design recommendations.

To Update

If you’re updating a space, ideally, you’re focusing on trends, value, and meaning. A cute decorative rug can update a space while still routing it in timeless charm. You also have to rely partly on other décor elements and furniture to complete this look.

For Function

A rug for function would be to do things like add warmth to a room, imply movement, or will designate a sitting area. A rug in this context can pull from things like patterns, colors, size, and shape to do the trick.

Use A Rug to Create Small Corners

If you pluck small home décor rugs from the pile, use them to build in height small sections of a room. For example, take an awkward corner and set a rug there with a table and chair, and a hanging plant. From top to bottom, you’ve created interest. Look where you can add impact.

Is Your Floor Boring?

A boring floor needs a rug. No ifs, ands, or buts. If you’re uninspired by what’s in front of you, covering it up with a rug makes sense. The opposite is also true. If you have a busy floor with character already etched in, question the use of a rug. It may not be needed.

Soft v. Hard Texture

A hard texture is tight, flat, and rough. A soft texture is fluffy, plumper, and can be more visually distracting. If you’re going for something cozier and luxurious, soft is often preferred. That said, contrasting what’s already in your home décor space with a rug with opposing textures is expressive and an interesting match.

Big is Better and Small Shrinks

With a linen rug or wood rug, go big. Big is truly better. Look at your perimeter. With a rug, you create spaces with spaces with designated borders. A small rug is sometimes appropriate, however, in the wrong room it can make a space feel tiny and insignificant.

White’s Too Clean

As much as we love white, it lacks a certain character. Sure, it can be seen as clean, orderly, and refined but it’s also very blank. With a rug, avoid an all-white design. Instead, look for rugs with some shade and dirtiness to them, and something natural. A little gentle chaos in interior design never hurt anyone.

The Prettiest Rug Color

What you may think to be the prettiest colors are not necessarily the best shade for a rug. A rug boasting drab, unexpected colors that you wouldn’t normally use can be far more interesting visually than trying to fit a textile’s shades and colors to what’s already going on in the room.

Inspire yourself. Create the interior design of your dreams for your home. Use rugs and other decorative elements to abandon dullness and emptiness. Visit ArtiPlanto today to shop home décor favourites like linen rugs, wool rugs, and antique rugs.
andrew lu