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Article: How to Use Faux Plants to Create A Tropical Look in Any Climate

How to Use Faux Plants to Create A Tropical Look in Any Climate

How to Use Faux Plants to Create A Tropical Look in Any Climate

A tropical garden in the Northern Hemisphere has always been tough to achieve due to the climate and drastic weather changes over the seasons.

Tropical plants aren’t meant to live successfully in a climate like that of the United States or Canada. They often die which means the financial investment and effort you’ve put in ends up being a waste. Though some gardeners are able to cultivate tropical plants successfully by moving them indoors, to care for live plants is still a challenge when the weather’s unpredictable.

There is a way, however! Don’t be dissuaded! Faux tropical plants look identical to the real authentic thing. They deliver all of the visual impact of a tropical garden without any of the maintenance required. They can also be carried out year-after-year without issue. For consideration of how to use these elements to achieve a tropical look in any climate, read on.

Your Choice

From artificial cactus tropical plants to palm trees, hedges, topiaries, and grasses, there are seemingly endless possibilities in how to create a tropical garden. It’s all on you to decide the plants needed for your space.


An immersive tropical garden exists separate from what’s around it. If you have unattractive landscaping or nearby homes or businesses you want to hide, consider what you can to manufacture a completely private tropical setting. Hedges and living walls work, as do privacy screens or fencing.

Cater to Events

Tropical plants that aren’t real can be moved and re-arranged as you need. You may want to create a few different landscaped tropical garden arrangements you can pull from – one for private and another for larger gatherings. Especially if you are working with a tight space, updating the tropical look from time to time will keep things interesting and people-friendly.

Section the Space

A tropical look is attractive to a lot of us. Give your guests and yourself somewhere to admire everything. If you are working with a medium-to-large space, section it off. Use your tropical artificial plants to create natural sections, a la different seating and gathering areas. By dividing larger environments into sections, you create private settings in which people can have conversations and enjoy the natural charm of your faux tropical garden.

Combine with Real Plants

There’s no rule saying your tropical look has to be purely artificial. Use what’s real to blend in authentically with larger faux conversation pieces. What a lot of gardeners like to do is take artificial plants like a faux palm tree and work it into gardens or landscaping with real plants growing alongside it. For a tropical garden, you can have greenery that lives and breathes while retaining the more visually-penetrating beauty of artificial tropical plants.

Minimize Cost, Upkeep, and Maintenance

Tropical gardens require not only time and effort but the expense to keep up. Minimize the costs of caring for real plants by using artificial plants. You can safely neglect landscaped tropical environments and come back to it days later knowing it will still look its best.

For more ideas on how to create a tropical look in any climate for your home, commercial property, garden, or landscaping, visit ArtiPlanto today.

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