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Article: Can Using Artificial Plants Help Reduce Global Warming

Can Using Artificial Plants Help Reduce Global Warming

Faux plants make for beautiful additions to interior design themes for homes and offices. Surprisingly, some researchers are arguing they may also provide a way for human beings to combat the deadly effects of climate change.

How Real Plants Reduce Global Warming

Real plants do an immaculate job at cleaning up the air through a process identified as photosynthesis. Plants suck carbon dioxide from the air and then use sunlight to convert it into sugar. It is then purposed as fuel for the plant.

Despite the benefits of artificial plants, one of the things that is normally missed out on are the advantages of photosynthesis. An artificial plant is static. It does not live and breathe like its counterpart. What if there was a way that it could though – well, scientists think they’ve found a way.

Artificial Plants vs. Global Warming

A team led by Professor Fernando Uribe-Romo at Central Florida University have found a way of creating photosynthesis without a real plant.

The team has built a photosynthesis device from titanium, organic molecules, and a blue LED photoreactor. The result is a technology that automatically uses carbon dioxide and sunlight to produce sugar.

Perhaps the most advantageous way to use such a technology would be to purpose it near carbon dioxide producers such as fossil fuel-powered energy stations. This way, one can accomplish emission reductions while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Although the device has yet to be fine-tuned, a more consumer-friendly use of it is in artificial plants.

Duplicating the photosynthesis of a real plant, faux plants may soon be able to take away greenhouse gas emissions and clean the air in your home or office. Artificial plants vs. global warming just got a whole lot more interesting!

Does This Make Artificial Plants Real?

To a degree, technology like this further pulls the future of faux plants in the direction of being increasingly real.

It’s not out of the question that in a few decades, one may have AI-directed artificial plants capable of photosynthesis and potentially with the ability for self-directed growth. Though technology and infrastructure are still coming together with consumer demand to achieve it, don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility.

The appeal to artificial plants is their ability to look real without the need for day-to-day maintenance. Premium designs have become so detailed that faux plants are virtually indistinguishable from their counterparts. The next step in offering the best artificial plants is technological advancements like this.

Global warming and climate change will be a battle we face as a species for the next few centuries. Every little bit helps.  A technology that’s able to clean the air via artificial plants certainly has a role to play.

ArtiPlanto are the experts in artificial plants. If you’re looking for ways to brighten your home or office with greenery, we want to hear from you. Check out our extensive catalogue of faux greenery and artificial plants. As the future of faux plants continues to heat up and integrate technology into the mix, we look forward to the breakthroughs ahead!

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