Artificial plants aren’t as tacky as you might think. As a new generation of homeowners have ushered in new trends in interior design, an interest in fake plants has emerged. Despite their reputation of being lesser-than, the quality of today’s faux plants far exceeds the offerings available decades ago.

Are Fake Plants Tacky

We aren’t talking about your dollar-store artificial plants. We’re talking premium-made high-quality artificial plants from leading millennial-favourited brands like ArtiPlanto. You can’t beat these types of faux plants. They look real. They feel real. In the hands of an interior designer or someone with a stylish eye, artificial plants can have a huge impact on a room’s appeal.

When it comes to home accessories, envision what you can do with plants if they weren’t sustained on sunlight and water. In a sense, the limitations of the real thing are shattered with artificial plants. They can be placed virtually anywhere. They don’t need light to survive and watering them is unnecessary. They’re always going to look their best.

If you’re new to the world of interior décor, a faux plant creates interest without making a statement. They’re a safe way to inject a space with some liveliness. You can still enjoy the advantages of having greenery around you without any of the commitment.

A large part of the reason why faux plants still carry a negative reputation is that for many years – let’s be honest – they didn’t look great. In fact, most looked awful. They were plastic, cheaply-made, and didn’t look real. Understandably, that was a huge turn-off. What’s on the market today in artificial plants is much different, however.

Even a gardener can’t tell the difference in home décor plants between what’s real and what’s artificial. They aren’t diametrically opposed either. Millions of people garden every year. A percentage of them will bring in cuttings from their real plants and supplement an indoor arrangement of faux greenery with the real thing.

With fake plants, you get something that isn’t so finicky, time-consuming, or expensive. The proliferation of artificial plants in modern homes and offices happened in large part because of these characteristics.

Fake plants also aren’t seen as the insincere statement they once were. Some of the best faux plants today cost $100s. There’s a real art to their design and crafting. The realism brought to artificial plants comes from the hand of the designers and a market has opened up among collectors and enthusiastic gardeners who also have an eye for the not-so-real counterpart.

So all in all, are fake plants tacky – not so much anymore. They’re quality-made, realistic, impressive, and an interior design must-have. There are no disadvantages to having an artificial plant other than the fact that their leaves can get a little dusty from time to time. Many inside experts continue to note the rise in faux plant interest particularly from the younger generation. It’s unlikely to stop anytime soon.

For not-so-tacky, realistic-looking artificial plants, visit ArtiPlanto today. You won’t find a better-made faux plant anywhere. Place yours on a shelf or side table, on the windowsill, or a countertop in your kitchen. A beautiful addition to any interior design arrangement, trendy faux plants are on the upswing. Find your favourites at ArtiPlanto.

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