When it comes to decorating a restaurant, almost always we tend to favor a more formal side. But there is nothing wrong with having a bit of fun by adding planters to spruce things up! If you are also looking to stay updated with the ongoing trends and want to keep things fun without bringing down the elegance in a restaurant, read on to follow some pro tips.  


It is always about choosing everything perfect when it comes to decorating a restaurant as its all about first impression. So when decorating resist the urge to go all out and before you choose a planter it is very important to understand the layout of the space and also understanding the many benefits plants add to any space. Especially when it comes to decorating the corners in a restaurant with indoor artificial plants, choose something elegant yet simple like a wood planter. 


There is nothing better than plants to help create a cleaner and positive atmosphere. While decorating a restaurant there is always a lot of attention given to the ambiance as customers love to celebrate their special memories in a welcoming space, but remember less is more. In the spirit of keeping things simple, hanging indoor plants in geometric shaped ceramic planters is a great way to dawn a positive vibe. 


It is very important to maintain contrast when it comes to choosing planters to place in a restaurant setting. So you want to add drama but be mindful at the same time that it's in just the right amount as less or more can make things boring. Also before you find the perfect planter for your restaurant, make sure to keep in mind the colour scheme of the walls and the carpet or flooring. The best way to add a splash of colour with a  planter that blends in a restaurant decor scene without attracting too much attention is to choose a colorful ceramic planter, which is not too bold in color as it is the best way to almost instantly bring everything together. 

Now that you have understood some important things to keep in mind when picking  planter for a restaurant to improve the vibe, the next important step is to understand the two most important spaces you should place them; 


This is one of the biggest deal maker or breaker spots for a restaurant. Just  like a home buyer before entering home the outside landscape of the restaurant is what makes the first impressions in the mind of the customer, so make sure to create a natural appeal close to the entrance by creating a greenery shrine with a hanging plant wall display. The best planters to create this dramatic display are rustic metal planters in different sizes and shapes. 


There is nothing more fun than a patio space in a restaurant to lounge around on a warm summer day with your friends or spend the perfect evening with your loved ones. So making sure this space gets all the treatment it deserves adding bamboo or concrete planters to this space is a great idea. 

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