In 2020 artificial succulents are making a real comeback as a home decor trend. As they not only add greenery; but also bring a rustic desert charm to any room almost instantly.

Further the diverse shapes and sizes of succulents light up any decor scene with their charismatic aura. Here’s the top 5 ideas to decorate your home with artificial succulent. 

Colourful Pots

Is your home yearning a splash of colour — pair artificial succulents with bright pastel shades to get an instant splash in your home decor. 

Choose different sizes of pots to create some drama. You can also create some Place them alongside a window sill or corner table to add some interest and break monotony in any room. Bold coloured and shaped pots may be hard to resist to keep things uniform and not to loud always select pastel shades as they combine well with any home well. 

Benefits of having artificial succulent

Crystal planters 

Embrace the best of both worlds — energy and a modern with Crystal planters. As planters are available in many sizes and shapes every crystal resonates a different level of positive energy to create a serene and beautiful environment in any home. They also help bring earthiness, texture and colour into a bland home decor scene.  

If you are really into crystals then investing in planters is a way to go. They also look great hanging on a wall or place them or on a corner table in your favourite direction. 

Globe terrariums

Who knew they are so addictive? Something about assembling moss, pebbles and succulents in a glass enclosed world — that is an instant eye candy. 

They also allow to unleash your creative side so choose wisely colours and succulents that compliment each other to create a harmonious look which is cute and modern. 

Always choose glass terrariums that are not too big in size as less is more when it comes to decorating with them. Also you can fit a lot more faux plant if you plan everything well and maintain a uniform size. 

Wood Frames

Hang it on a wall next to your family pictures to create a gallery wall, set it on a corner table or place it on a window sill there is something about wooden frames that make artificial plants look cute. 

Create a trendy yet rustic design with a few pieces of wood combined together into a frame. They are perfect for a small room where you want to bring the outdoors like a home office or a shed.

Whether you are looking to create an eye- catchy centerpiece for your table or add simple elements to your home decor to create a wow statement or an accent for your hutch or entertainment room faux succulents are a great home decor idea

Alexandru Popa