There are many artificial plants that have become a must have when it comes to decorating but there is one that stands out because of elegant green foliage in 2020. 

Are you a big fan of the most talked about artificial plant of 2020 — a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree? And  looking for ways to make this popular artificial plant to brighten your decor scene and space without spending an arm and a leg? 

Read on to follow a complete guide, to pot a Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig tree like a pro. 

Find a pot

Almost always, the Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig tree comes potted in a starter pot. It does not look the best, so to improve the aesthetic appeal put it inside an elegant pot that fits well in your decor scene alongside your favourite planters. Choose a pot that is colourful yet not too loud to steal the thunder of your artificial plants. Sometimes imperfection is great as not all real plants have perfect leaves or shape. However when it comes to proportion make sure the width of the branches are accurate or it will be a dead give away that you have an artificial plant!

Base filler 

Once you have selected the right pot the next step is to find the base that will hold your artificial Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig tree together and prevent it from toppling over. To ensure the plant is secured firmly inside the pot its recommended to add filler around the starter pot. Some of the best fillers that can be used are cardboard, old newspaper or bubble wrap as they are robust and keeps things sturdy and secure. Once you have selected the filling it is very important to not overfill and create a balance that matches the natural height of the pot. 

Top filler

Making an artificial plant look real depends completely on this next step, top filler. So choose wisely some of the best filler is spanish moss, but be pure to pack it firmly for a natural look. 

The process of potting a Fiddle leaf fig tree may seem very daunting, in the beginning however it is very simple, if you just stick to basics and follow the three basic steps listed above. 

Plus it is an excellent and a cost-efficient way to add color and life in your decor scene! As real plants can be a bit too demanding, and follow our tips and tricks to give your fake plants a life-like look. 

Alexandru Popa