Artificial plants are the way to go now-a-days as they are so much better than the real plants in many ways. However just like us — artificial plants too need regular maintenance and upkeep to look flawless. 

If you are looking to bring in the greenery in your space and add a more realistic touch to your artificial plants read on to follow some simple tricks and tips that will make them timeless and a showstopper. 

Make a statement

Yes we all know the power of simplicity, but sometimes it is good to explore some options beyond the basic potted plant and go bold. When choosing a faux plant don’t be afraid to choose a tall yet flamboyant — fiddle leaf plant that will adorn, any corner with its magic or a cluster of majestic branches that will bloom alongside your mantle, a succulent terrarium.  


Dusty plants real or faux are not a good appearance. Regular yet quick dusting is key to keeping things clean when it comes to faux plants. Sometimes there can be a lot of residue in a few hard to reach tiny spots or leaves give the faux plant a quick wash with a hose or shower head and the water pressure will clean it making it new. Also never place a plant in direct sunlight after washing try shaking off the water gently to avoid any damage to the plant or the planter. 


Not everything about a plant is symmetrical in realty so don’t be too picky when it comes to buying plants that are too perfect— embrace the imperfection. Select plants that have blooms that represent a full life cycle flowering plant with a few buds to completely bloomed flowers. Also take the freedom to cut the stems to various lengths to match and mimic a real plant.  

Vase treatment

There is something elegant about placing faux flowers in a glass vase. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit further by adding a few decorative rocks,dirt or faux moss to make the vase look like the real deal. If you don’t like to get your hands dirty choose long and elegant opaque vases they match and blend in really well.  

Where you are a plant killer? Or just love the greenery artificial plants bring to any decor the tips mentioned above will help you make your faux plants as good as the real deal. So don’t be afraid to add the wow factor to your decor with artificial plants and embrace faux plants as they are the best solution. 

Alexandru Popa
Tagged: faux plants