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Article: How to Make Your Artificial Cactus Look Even Realistic ?

How to Make Your Artificial Cactus Look Even Realistic ?

How to Make Your Artificial Cactus Look Even Realistic ?

Let’s face the facts; some of us don’t have a green thumb and want to add some greenery in our life and decor. How do you bring in the greenery without too much stress? Artificial plants are a perfect way to add a splash of greenery to create a great natural ambiance indoors. 


Always look at the stem closely, when choosing artificial cactus — as they the best quality items will have more realistic stems. When taking a close look at the leaves. Check how the leaves are lined along the stem.Do they mimic a natural look or do they just look like plastic and no real charm. The consistency of the leave size and the colour of the cactus plant throughout the stem is a dead giveaway to distinguish a fake from a real plant. Always pick a cactus plant that has symmetrical leaves which are lined parallel to each other and are not to big or small but just right.

Embrace imperfection 

Remember real cactus plants have buds, unbloomed flowers and fully bloomed flowers so when choosing an artificial office desk cactus don’t be afraid to choose something bold that has buds or flowers. Some imperfections in the colour of the flowers or the leaves is alright because in all reality not all plants are perfect and it's the imperfections that help bring a natural and real charm to any decor. 

Keep it natural 

Visualize how a real cactus plant would look like, when buying an artificial cactus. Next choose something that mimics the real plant as closely as possible — choose the right length and the colour that will blend with your decor without looking too fake. Further to keep things looking natural create a perfect harmony by complementing the plant with an appropriately sized ceramic planter and a combination of real dirt, rocks to resemble a real cactus plant. 

Add variety 

Variety is the best known way to spice things up without too much effort. By adding a mix and match of textures and styles it si very easy to make your desk cactus to just look timeless. Add some moss to create a more visual appeal or during summer months fill the cactus pot without drowning the plant with some sand to create a tropical seasonal touch. Branches are also a great way to create a natural ambiance. 

Seasonal placement 

Placement is key as most plants are always placed in windows or areas where there is sunlight always place artificial plants too in similar spots so they look real and add the natural touch just like the real thing. Apart from the window artificial plants are a great addition in dark rooms or in the kitchen and they are a great alternative if you have pets.   

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