Infusing the world around you with personality is a way to self-express while creating unique spaces.

Shaping landscapes, design experts and property managers use elements like softly cut trees, winding gardens, and human design. The result can be magical, though fleeting.

Preserving the look of natural greenery, artificial plants and artificial boxwood topiaries are experienced aesthetically like any other growth. Akin to a replica, you have the desired visual anatomy and personality without the ongoing need for maintenance.

What Are Artificial Boxwood Topiaries?

Artificial boxwood topiaries are a way to sculpt your landscaping and carve out meaningful spaces that resonate. They give you the control you want over the beauty and growth of landscaped plants.

Some of the most recognizable topiaries are faux boxwood topiaries for outdoors. They’re practical and simple and can be used as one, a pair, or a sequence of artfully spaced decorations.

What Can You Use Artificial Boxwood Topiaries For?

Your space likely has a clear and defined purpose already. So will artificial boxwood topiaries. Some designers and landscapers use them to create pathways or indicators on where homeowners, guests, or residents are expected to walk and peruse.

Some also use them to create privacy walls which assist in establishing social distancing and making things feel safer between parties.

Historically speaking, boxwood topiaries have been used predominantly by wealthy private estates. They are thought to communicate good taste and an affinity for nature – in a sense, a status symbol.

The right artificial boxwood topiaries can accomplish all of these things and with ease. Personalizing them to your unique property, no one would know the difference between what’s natural and artificial.

Are Artificial Boxwood Topiaries Truly Better Than Natural?

Natural boxwood topiaries, unfortunately, are problematic. They require years to grow to the extent where they can be used in an intended landscaping design.

A great deal of maintenance is then needed to keep up the manicured, dense landscaped appearance of natural topiaries. Of course, you’re also relying on nothing threatening coming along and either delaying growth or killing the plant.

Why spiral boxwood topiary plants and others are a better option is because they will last a lifetime. No chores involved. No risks. You get the status and style you want on-demand 24/7 wherever you want them in your landscaping. That’s why we say artificial boxwood topiaries succeed where naturals fail.

What Kind of Artificial Boxwood Topiaries Are There?

There’s something for everyone in the category of faux boxwood topiaries. You have classic options like a faux potted cedar topiary plant in various sizes. There are also more creative, abstract choices like a spiral topiary, taller spires of foliage, or faux boxwood topiary balls.

The artificial nature of the plant means shapes are easier to produce and keep. If it’s a commercial, residential, or combination space, the type of shape for your artificial boxwood topiaries is an important decision. You want something that represents your brand, which contributes to the flow and appeal of the room, and which enhances visual interest in a non-distracting way.

ArtiPlanto works to ensure our clients have the right artificial boxwood topiaries for their landscaping needs. Recreate appearances with a landscape that highlights your space in a manner that doesn’t sign you up for chores in the process. Please visit ArtiPlanto’s artificial boxwood topiaries section today for more information.

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