Are you new to the world of artificial tabletop plants – welcome! When it comes down to it, artificial plants are quite the bargain. You get a completely natural look without the risk and commitment of ongoing care.

On top of that, there are some real benefits to having faux tabletop plants around. Multiple scientific studies have shown that having them to look at can reduce stress, increase work productivity, and improve the overall atmosphere in a room.

There’s so much more to the world of artificial plants than grouping every tabletop plant in the same category. Many types exist, each with a unique look. To aid in the search for a perfect artificial tabletop plant, here are the best types for your home.

Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers add brightness and color to a room. They range from subdued pastels for a vacation-esque cottage-like look or bright colors that attract attention.

Combining artificial flowers with containers of your choosing, you can do a lot to craft a room theme. By selecting individual faux flowers, you can also create your own centerpieces. For kitchens and dining rooms, artificial flowers work.

Artificial Tabletop Branches

In the faux tabletop plant space, you have tall branches that can look stunning on entryway tables. While they don’t quite add the ‘pop’ of flowers or other plants, what they contribute is subtle and gentle.

Like artificial flowers, branches pair well with different containers and vases. In fact, the vase is arguably equal in importance to the artificial branches you’re using. Where flowers add immediate impact, branches add vertical interest and atmosphere. They can help catch attention on elements like hanging art, photographs, and more.

Artificial Topiaries

Artificial topiaries are a great investment for larger tables that need some more interest or on smaller tables that could use a conversation starter.

There are many different types of topiaries to choose from, ranging from classic growths to landscaped ball shapes, cones, and more. Think of what appears to you. Once again, the containers that surround a topiary can add further impact.

Artificial Cactus Plants

Some of the most popular artificial plants for homes are artificial cactus plants. Unlike other tabletop plants, cactus plants have more going on visually than any other type on this list.

Cactus plants in a drab room add brightness without distraction. If you love a dry, summer, or South American look, artificial cactus certainly can fit that aesthetic.

Another great aspect of cactus plants is that they aren’t difficult to match with home décor. They’re not overly colorful and they don’t visually oppose any one style. They can fit into minimalism quite well, just like they can any other aesthetic.

Find natural-looking artificial tabletop plants today from ArtiPlanto. Re-design your room with maintenance-free beauty in the form of tabletop cactus plants, ferns, and more. Buy one or multiple to create an arrangement of your choosing. It’s becoming increasingly trendy to use artificial plants on office desks, kitchen tables, countertops, bedside tables, and coffee tables. Shop them at ArtiPlanto today.
Alexandru Popa