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Article: Three Things You Need to Think About Before Choosing A Rug

Three Things You Need to Think About Before Choosing A Rug

Three Things You Need to Think About Before Choosing A Rug

The right rug in a space livens up a room and roots it in an interesting aesthetic. As amazing as that sounds, choosing the wrong area rug can add confusion and dismantle the atmosphere within a room.

When we think interior design, we don’t think what appears on our floors. We think walls, room furniture, décor accents, and more. That said, the right textile can lift an aesthetic into extraordinary territory.

Buying a rug online, it’s a large design item and covers a lot of floor space. Keep the selection process simple. Evaluate your rug options through the prism of these three deciding factors – size, color, and texture.


Just because a rug has an attractive textile, if it’s not the right size it’s going to be a difficult fit. 

An undersized rug is awkward. Always ensure you’re picking up the right size for the area. The standard is covering the seating area in a living space. When someone’s sitting down, the rug should be fully underneath them with their feet touching down upon it. 

Consider whether you want a round, rectangle, or square rug shape. All work in the right configuration. If you’re searching for a rug size for a bedroom, positioning it so that you have a few extra feet away from the bed also ensures that when your feet touch ground, they have something soft underneath.


Next on the list are colors and patterns. If you already have a defined interior design theme through elements like furniture, lighting, and paint, those tones are your guide.

For example, if a space already uses a lot of light pastels, your rug should be of a similar light appearance.

Alternatively, you can do it backward if your space is empty. If you really, really want a rug with a bolder pattern or which uses multiple colors, start interior decorating with the rug first and then set up your furniture, paint, and lighting to match the theme the rug’s established.

Browsing a collection of rugs, it is most common to search for something neutral and of natural fibers. The simpler the pattern, the more easily it can fit into different aesthetics as well. Neutral-toned handmade rugs can lift the design of a room, creating a compelling space without conflicting with other colors present.


Most people don’t pay attention to texture. Beyond color and pattern, and size, the texture doesn’t carry as much weight for them.

Texture’s important which is why we had to include it on our list. A well-curated texture on a rug adds depth, layers, and can successfully contrast to other textures in the room.

For example, on a couch with heavily textured upholstery, choosing a low-pile handmade rug is great for contrast.

If you have smooth leather surfaces in a sectional or couch, a fuller, fully Moroccan-style rug might be just what you need. All in all, considering texture in rugs aids in adding yet another layer of visual interest.

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