Artificial plants are one of the best ways to add some natural greenery outdoors. However the only downside to having faux plants outdoors is they fade over a period of time. With that being said outdoor artificial plants are a cost-effective, smart choice if you are looking to decorate on a budget. 

Always keep in mind while decorating artificial plants is to consider buying plants that have a UV protective coating — as this helps to preserve the appearance of outdoor artificial plants. If you do decide to buy a faux plant without UV coating do not worry as there are a few ways you can delay the fading process, when it comes to artificial plants.

Choosing the right material when it comes to outdoor artificial plants is very important; as there are so many varieties —  plastic, silk and poly blends. Over time every material tends to fade and one of the most common reasons is dust. Read on to find out ways to protect outdoor artificial plants and prevent them from fading like a pro. 


As fading is one of the most common damaging factors when it comes to outdoor artificial plants regular maintenance is key when it comes to protecting their appearance. To keep the faux plants looking vibrant make sure to dust the leaves and stem with a feather duster. Dusting is simple and  not only helps them look flawless instantly but in the long run increases their life span. Use a hair dryer or compressed air can to get to the hard to reach areas. 

Wipe down

It is exactly what it sounds — use a moistened rag with some soap to gently clean the outdoor artificial plants. Sometimes this is a great way to remove small dust particles which are sticky and do not easily come off with dusting. This is most effective for stems, flowers and even corners of leaves as tough dust particles do not come off these areas easily. 

UV protection 

The most effective way to protect outdoor artificial plants from UV light is by applying them with a UV resistant spray. To ensure maximum protection generously spray all parts of the plants with UV spray. Sometimes it is a great idea to place plants in vases and apply the spray for best results. 

Always keep in mind to spray evenly and generously as this is the best way to protect the appearance of the plants and keep them looking charming for a long time. 

Outdoor artificial plants tend to be a more preferred choice than indoor artificial plants as they are designed to withstand outdoor elements and look vibrant for a longer duration. Sometimes it is a great idea to protect them by placing them in a shaded climate or spray them with a fabric protective spray!

Always remember before applying any sprays to outdoor artificial plants to thoroughly dust off the debris from the plant and also if needed use a damp cloth or spray. Also make sure to start spraying from bottom to top to ensure a uniform coat. 

Alexandru Popa