The fiddle leaf fig tree is one of the most trendiest — when it comes to artificial plants. Native to Cameroon, Africa the Ficus lyrata or the Fiddle leaf fig tree grows in a hot and humid climate and has a majestic charm — with its large green foliage. 

Are you wondering where to buy your first faux fiddle leaf fig tree? There are a lot of options available, online all you need to know is what size you are looking for and do some research your options. 


Considering that there are various sizes of the fiddle leaf, it is very important to keep the space you have in mind. The come in 6” and upwards and are a great way to add greenery on your desk or even a bathroom. The fiddle leaf plant is also a great solution for smaller spaces such as condos.


When you order your plants online it is very important to read the description of the colour of the leaves carefully as you want a solid green flamboyant foliage which will add natural greenery to your space. 


A little bit of imperfections are good as in reality not all plants are perfectly symmetrical; however when it comes to fiddle leaf plants make sure the branches are not too stiff and are similar in size along the main stem. 


Choosing the right pot or planter for your fiddle leaf plant is very important as this may steal its thunder. Always use pastel shade planters as they compliment well with any decor as well as bring out the colour of the plant. Make sure to re-pot the fiddle leaf plant into an elegant planter as the pots they usually come in are not too pretty. 

The fiddle leaf fig tree is liked by many for its unique, glossy and large foliage that suits any living space — big or small, to create a sleek and modern ambiance. The plant also helps create a dramatic statement with contemporary interior styles and is a great addition in offices as well as residential lobbies. 

Alexandru Popa