A faux boxwood topiary. It’s a sight to behold. It may be the perfect way to add presence to outdoor décor.

If you find that your favourite boxwood topiary is less than affordable, fortunately, you can try creating your own boxwood topiary.

Here is the official ArtiPlanto guide on how to make the perfect boxwood topiary and all that’s required are a few inexpensive craft tools. The result may not look as good as a premium boxwood, however, you can get pretty close if you know how to wield your tools.

Step 1

Take a round Styrofoam ball sized at approximately four inches. You can of course go larger, though we don’t recommend anything smaller than four inches.

With your Styrofoam ball in your hand, start to make a hole where you’ll insert the main stem of your plant at a later stage. A number of tools can be used to make this hole. A small knife is what we believe is easiest.

Step 2

If you’ve purchased a faux boxwood topiary in the past or have a faux bush you want to put together with your new topiary, separate the branches apart. Use wire cutters to cut the stem apart until you arrive at smaller pieces.

If the pieces could potentially slip off the stem, put a small dot of hot glue on the underside to affix it to the stem. Should you do this last step, give them a couple of minutes to dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 3

After your branches are cut, you can begin inserting them into the Styrofoam ball. Separate the branches individually and leave the hole made with the knife uncovered.

Focus on getting these small branches in. Once done, your Styrofoam ball should hopefully be nearly completely covered.

Step 4

Once your Styrofoam ball is close to fully covered, take a large stem and insert it into the aforementioned hole you crafted earlier. For this stem, you want a piece that is very sturdy and heavy enough to carry weight.

Ideally, get it into the ball by about 2 inches. If your ball is larger, go deeper. This is what’s going to hold up the Styrofoam ball and all of its weight so keep that in mind when positioning it in.

Step 5

Now to complete your boxwood topiary for outdoors, take a small terracotta pot and fill it with additional pieces of Styrofoam or similar material.

After the container’s prepared, insert the other end of the topiary stem from your Styrofoam inside. The last step, should you choose to do this, would be to put the finished product into a ceramic vase or a similarly aesthetically pleasing container. Now, take a step back and give it a look. You’re done!

If all this sounds like a little much, make it easier on yourself by shopping a boxwood topiary courtesy of ArtiPlanto. At ArtiPlanto, the work’s already done for you. Choose your desired aesthetic and then, that’s it. There’s no better place to pick up boxwood topiaries, faux plants, and more. Visit us today for more information.

Alexandru Popa