A custom-selected rug says a lot about a space. Aside from the walls, rugs are the ultimate element in interior design if you’re looking to pull a room tighter. The right rug is curated joy while the wrong rug can make a room feel small, tight, and unconnected.

Browsing premium, stylish rugs, there are a lot of unique choices. For even experienced interior design experts, it’s a daunting task. You can’t hide a rug. It’s there for the world to see in a bedroom, living room, or guest space.

Don’t feel discouraged just yet though. Following some simple rules, an interior rug is an easier choice than one may think. Here are a few mistakes to avoid in selecting the right rug for your space.

Choosing An Undersized Rug

An interior rug for a home that’s too small is a common choice. They cost less and they’re perceived as a safer choice than going with a larger rug. A small rug makes for a small room. It can look awkward. Ensure you choose a rug that’s covering the full extent of the area.

Multiple Rugs Which Don’t Match

Over time, you may choose to buy more rugs. It’s not uncommon to see a large space with multiple rugs that do not blend well together. If at all possible, anticipate this need. Create interesting contrasts but while using identical or similar rugs to center your design aesthetic.

Consider Your Other Furniture

Searching rugs for living rooms, some homeowners see it as an afterthought however rugs are anything but. A rug dominates a room. When curating any space, don’t leave rug choice to the last minute. Consider what else is in the room. Blend the rug in or use it as a starting point. For cohesive interior design, a rug may very well be the deciding factor in whether it’s success or failure.

A Rug Partially Covering Furniture

A rug under furniture should cover the full area, not a partial amount. A rug should be large enough to have all furniture legs on it and wide enough to be a few feet out from a table, bedframe, or gathering area. If you’re going to put a piece of furniture on a rug, ensure the furniture’s all the way on it.

‘Too Much’ Over ‘Varied’

If you’ve already decided on an interior design theme for a room, be aware that the wrong designer rug can just be ‘too much’. Too much of the same pattern or texture is overwhelming and not lively. Don’t be lured into a disastrous affair. Be aware of the colors, styles, and shapes already present. Respect those with a rug choice that isn’t going to clash.

Consider the Function of the Environment

A living room is a gathering space. A dining room will inevitably encounter spills. A guest room might only see occasional use. Choose the right rug textile that can endure the environment. A tougher rug is great for an often-used living or dining room. A hand-woven, softer rug is an excellent choice for a bedroom or office where it’s safe from spills and busy steps.

Shopping for a rug is fun. When you shop rugs at ArtiPlanto, please refer back to this guide if hesitation sits in. Before long, the right choice will become clear. The right rug is built to last and premium-made. Find yours today.
Alexandru Popa