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Article: How To Make Fake Flowers Look Less Tacky

How To Make Fake Flowers Look Less Tacky

How To Make Fake Flowers Look Less Tacky

The idea of using fake flower bouquets for a special occasion or a wedding may seem very unlikable and tacky but you’d be shocked by how pretty and realistic-looking a lot of these arrangements come out looking as.

Today’s faux flowers and plants are designed a lot more carefully than what was available decades ago. They’re a lot more detailed, made with premium materials, and often done by hand.

If you are planning to use fake flowers for a wedding or special occasion, you can totally get away with it and have them not tacky, fake, and cheap. Tacky is the last thing anyone wants buying flowers and this isn’t just relevant to artificial plants, either. Tacky is a label that can be assigned to real flowers as well. It’s all about the presentation. Here’s what you do.

Buy Premium

If you buy cheap, they’re going to look cheap. The first rule of making faux flowers look real is buying premium artificial flowers from a vendor you fully trust that’s going to deliver you high-quality designs.

Buy A Quality Vase

After you have your premium realistic-looking faux flowers, next is the vase, basket, or planter. This shouldn’t be cheap-looking, either. Fortunately, there are lots of inexpensive ways to ‘present’ flowers and make them look less tack.

Muted Colors Over Bright Colors

Bright colors hit the light and on reflection can look very tacky. When in doubt, go for muted shades and colors. Something like pinks, whites, and peaches all work. Though some premium artificial plant and flower designers have improved upon the realism of faux bright, neon-esque flowers, be very careful about what you do with these.

Keep It Simple

When in doubt about what your fake flowers will look like, buy fake flower arrangements that are already pre-arranged. Lots of faux flower bouquets on and other websites are prearranged and make the process of making fake flowers look less tacky very, very easy.

Avoid Cheap Greenery

Some home décor experts or interior designers will buy premium artificial flowers and then populate their arrangement with very cheap and very plastic-looking greenery. This will make a flower arrangement look worse than not having it. Do not do this. Anything that looks plastic has got to go.

Check For Dust

The biggest threat in terms of realism for artificial flowers is dust. Any sort of dust cover will make flowers look tacky. If your flowers have been in storage for some time, be sure to run over them with a microfiber cloth.

Find A Model

If you are inexperienced or have never put together a flower centerpiece, bouquet, or flower arrangement before, you can’t expect yourself to get it all the way right on your first try. Go to Instagram or Pinterest. Find bouquets you can use as inspiration. Take these models. Reinterpret them under your own preferences.

A few key decisions in, with a few tricks, you’ve got yourself a very unique-looking, realistic faux flower bouquet, arrangement, or wreath. The best part is you can use it again and again or at least rely on it to look fabulous throughout your day. Shop the best in quality faux flowers and more at today.

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