Fake plants have become a must-have home décor essential, with lots of stores selling faux greenery, fake flowers, and lots more. Though not a problem for all, if you have an eye for detail, you’ll notice something a little ‘off’ about some of these creations. They aren’t all the same premium quality and they don’t all look real. If you want realistic-looking fake plants, here are the best stores to shop at.


There are a surprisingly large amount of home renovation and hardware stores selling artificial plants. Lowes is one. They have a small collection of tropical plants, succulents, and more, a perfect companion to anyone’s home décor.


It’s no secret that buying artificial plants online is easy with Wayfair. The prices can be a little steep but the organization works with fairly good designers and tends to get realism and detail right more often than they get it wrong.

Nearly Natural

Nearly Natural is well-known for their fake plants. They have a large, large selection, with some absolutely stunning faux plants. If you have to buy from somewhere, look at specialty brands zeroing in on artificial plants, like Artiplanto and Nearly Natural.


Artiplanto is another excellent resource if you’re looking to buy fake plants. They also have an incredible selection of everything from tabletop plants to artificial boxwood topiaries, flower arrangements, bouquets, linen and wool rugs, hanging plants, and planters and baskets.


Amazon is very hit-and-miss with fake plants. They have some absolutely amazing creations in addition to plants that look very, very fake. If you are looking at Amazon fake plants, do look at where they’re coming from and what brand.

West Elm

Artificial plants have grown to be so popular that stores like West Elm, Pottery Brain, Terrain, and Bed Bath & Beyond have all come to developing sections highlighting the charm of home décor-friendly greenery.


If you’re looking for a simple shopping experience, try IKEA. Faux plants at IKEA are the cheapest you’ll find in price and don’t look half-bad, either. Though these aren’t ‘premium’ per se, the details offer a lot to be desired.


Target, Walmart, and similar big-box retailers are generally worth avoiding but you will occasionally find some unexpectedly excellent finds here. This is a great store if you’re just starting out with artificial plants or are buying for someone who might not necessarily appreciate the premium version.

Home Depot

Home Depot is a fine place for all things related to hardware, home renovations, and more. Artificial plants are not their specialty, however, they do offer several excellent mid-to-large greenery pieces that are on the more affordable end of things.

The most realistic-looking faux plants that you will find anywhere are perhaps in the pages of Artiplanto.com. See fiddle-leaf figs, hanging plants, and all sorts of beautiful, detailed, and handcrafted plants. Unlike what you will find at Walmart, Artiplanto works with special design teams in Montreal and New York, prioritizing realism over all else. Premium quality artificial greenery done right.
Andrew Lu