Flowers are a must-have spring home décor item but for many households, they hang around even longer than that.

As much as we love the smell of fresh flowers, buying a flower bouquet every week isn’t very affordable or sustainable. More home decorators and interior designers are searching out premium faux flowers to craft bouquets and arrangements that can last years.

If you love the look of flowers but don’t want to spend a fortune updating them and keeping flowers and greenery alive year-round, faux flowers are your alternative. They are made to resemble the real thing, have all of the visual qualities and charm of the real thing, and yet are manufactured to last years and without fading, wilting, or dying.

With a personal touch, artificial flowers are pretty, lasting, and can be rotated in and out on a seasonal basis.

Aren’t Fake Flowers Tacky?

Artificial plants and flowers have long had a reputation of looking plastic and tacky. Don’t necessarily believe that.

The type of faux flowers you buy at your local Walmart, sure, they may have a sort of plastic look to them. They’re cheaply made and priced, and while that’s fine for some situations, in home décor you want flowers to look and feel real.

You can use faux flowers, yes, but always buy premium. Invest a little extra to get them handcrafted, with a little extra detail, and done right. That’s the only way, especially if you’re showing off your home to friends, family, and guests. They shouldn’t be able to tell between an artificial flower and a real one, and by shopping at the right place first, you avoid this issue in a big way.

How Do You Decorate With Faux Flowers?

Once you have in your hands the right fake flowers, it’s time to assemble them into your most beautiful artificial floral arrangement.

Presentation is everything! This is where you set your style, aesthetic rules, and avoid a lot of the tackiness that accompanies the artificial plants of yesteryear. How you present is what decides whether your flowers get away with looking real or not. Here are some tips you can use.

  • Look for realistic colors that aren’t overly saturated or unrealistic looking.
  • Avoid any flowers that have a plastic look to them. When the light strikes them, artificial plants shouldn’t look plastic.
  • Rotate your flowers in and out by the season, ensuring you don’t tire of them.
  • Have flexibility in the artificial flower stems. This way you can mold them to a realistic shape without damage.
  • You might want to mix in some real flowers, nestling them in amongst the faux floral arrangement you have, resulting in the smell of real flowers and a nice combination presentation.
  • Find a very good quality vase or container to house your flowers in. By changing the planter, you can significantly alter the look of a bouquet. Add to that other décor surrounding your flowers and you can come up with a unique look for every season.

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Andrew Lu