An office has a tendency to feel impersonal when there isn’t something human and personal holding the aesthetic down.

When designing an office, you don’t want to populate it with too many elements. A minimalist-inspired interior design is what most corporate offices and business spaces want. If you’re searching for things to add that aren’t going to cloud up the visual, faux greenery is a great investment.

Why Faux is Better Than Real

Real plants do two things. They grow. Then they die. Attending to real plants, they only look their best for a very short period of time. When they aren’t looking their best, they literally look like they’re dying. No client or employee should walk into an office and have to see that.

Faux plants for offices are easy to care for. They don’t need anything. They’re always looking appealing, alive, and vibrant. While real and fresh is always something to strive for, in office designing, we have to go with the more affordable and reasonable option – artificial plants.

It’s also worth noting that faux plants have come a long way in their look and feel. A lot of premium-made artificial plants are indistinguishable from the real thing. You can fool even a gardener with the way some of these appear!

Tips in Selecting the Right Faux Plants For Your Office

  • There are many types of artificial plants for indoors. The most popular selection for commercial spaces includes non-flowering branches, potted faux plants, topiaries, and trees. These all communicate a professional, straightforward look and they pull off the realistic look.
  • Look for the most natural tones in artificial plants. Most office interior designers avoid particularly colourful arrangements and will instead seek out darker green faux plants. Should you want colour, use your vase or faux plant container to communicate this personality while ensuring the plant’s as realistic-looking as possible.
  • Succulents, greenery with small leaves, and some natural plants already have an appearance that is identical to artificial varieties. If you’re not sure about what to add within your office space, consider these as a starting point.
  • If you’ve chosen branches in a vase, either use an opaque vase to hide the stems or a water-filled clear vase to make your faux plants in the office appear more real. If it’s an outdoor faux topiary, you may want to surround the base with real dirt to give it a combination of real and artificial. All in all, this will trick the eye in believing it’s all real.
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