In the last few years, the farmhouse décor trend has really taken off. A very modern home can take on warmth with a few well-placed farmhouse artificial plants in this style. If you want to achieve this rustic farmhouse look, let’s explore how to make it a reality.

First Impressions

If you have a front porch that everyone uses to enter your home, you can begin your farmhouse décor here with a high-handled wooden toolbox containing an artificial fiddle leaf or faux succulents, or a box topiary in a rustic tall, galvanized pail.

These can add not only elegance but that initial farmhouse feel to this part of your home.

Vintage Pieces

Vintage pieces can be sourced in a variety of ways to represent a farmhouse aesthetic. Barn auctions, on social media, and home improvements sites can lead you to a host of interesting farmhouse styles.

You can find interesting looks such as dried real and faux wreaths and also artificial hanging bouquets that will never fade with time. They look great on doors and walls.

Unique Designs

Try a simple trio of painted white mason jars with artificial eucalyptus set in a small wooden crate. This can add a touch of farmhouse to your kitchen. It’s a very simple idea but oh so elegant.

You can also try small artificial plants in rustic metal pots climbing a small, distressed step ladder, or something equally artistic and unique. These sorts of presentations can be placed in a sunny corner to emulate a growing space. 

Finding The Right Placement

Imagine a stark white bathroom. Over the bathtub, there’s a reclaimed ladder with miniature pots of faux greenery like artificial ivy and grape leaf dispersed throughout. The rustic nature of the ladder against the stark white of the title makes for a wonderful farmhouse look.

This sort of ladder-and-greenery placement could also work in an entryway.

Getting The Right Farmhouse Feel

Artificial plants give you the breathing room that live plants can’t. Placing the faux plants in interesting and functional ways with the right décor can bring a farmhouse look to any area of your home.

If you are in a historic home, try a mix of artificial ferns cascading from a series of pretty woven wall baskets. This will add tremendous dimension to your room and can be blended and customized in a number of ways.

Make New From What’s Old

Got an attic filled with photo frames you never use – try this. Distress paint them off white. Then, place an artificial greenery wreath suspended by twine in the centre of the frame. This is an excellent DIY project.

These can be hung anywhere that has that ‘I don’t know what to do with that corner’ effect. A grouping of different frames with an assortment of artificial wreaths can look spectacular and bring the new to the old in a farmhouse way.

Artificial plants from can give a very different farmhouse look to your home. Experiment with different ideas to find your best farmhouse look and don’t hesitate to blend in rustic and vintage elements that further tie together this look.
Andrew Lu