Coming up with the holidays is the need to buy the perfect gift. We think the argument can be made that faux plants are exactly that – the perfect gift! Plants and fake greenery are highly adaptable and can be personalized to the person. Here are a few of our ideas in how to tailor fake greenery and make it the best holiday gift for your special someone.

Plants Have Meaning

A lot of plants have cultural, religious, or ancient meanings. If you aren’t sure what fake plant to buy, look at what each signifies. Line that up to the person you’re buying for and what you wish for them.

Create A Gift Basket

If you don’t want to make an artificial plant the whole of your holiday gift, use it in a gift basket. Create a faux plant holiday gift basket and assemble little gifts, snacks, and special items to represent your feelings towards the recipient.

Inspire A Gardener

If you have a plant-lover, gardener, or admirer of home décor, a faux plant is a nice gift to encourage that interest. It can also be a nice way to encourage someone to garden or if gardening’s something you share, a plant for a gift – even when it’s faux – is perfect.

A Hanging Plant For A Small Condo

Even in a small apartment, small condo, or 1-bedroom space, a hanging plant is perfect and takes up no space. A hanging plant can be mounted from a ceiling hook anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

For Homebodies

A certain percentage of us prefer to stay inside and with the pandemic, the number has increased. Seniors or people who can’t normally get outdoors, for them, décor or artificial greenery is something they can look at, admire, and enjoy every day if they so choose.

A New Work-From-Home Office

A lot of people have built work-from-home offices sometimes out of almost nothing. Fill in the space with a realistic-looking artificial tabletop plant. Small and cute, they nestle easily onto anyone’s desk.

Be Romantic

A plant can also be a romantic gift, with soft flower petals, strong stems, and even the shape representing a token of love. The romance of nature isn’t obvious to all but if presented in the correct context, it’s a vibe you can get across.

For Someone Who Just Moved

For the person who just moved into a new place in the last few months, maybe they don’t have all the décor they want or their living space looks a bit empty. For them, a fake plant as a gift is something that can help brighten up a bedroom, living room, or dining room, and adds color.

Pro-Appropriate Gift

If you’re buying for a work colleague or want to gift your boss something special, a fake plant doesn’t overstep or make assumptions about their personality. A faux plant is a welcome gift for most people, if not all.

A Personalized Gift of Romance

A fake flower bouquet will last forever. It can be brought out season after season and blends in your partner’s favourite colors and representations of love into one symbol.

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Andrew Lu