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Article: How To Use Artificial Plants As Thanksgiving Decor

How To Use Artificial Plants As Thanksgiving Decor

How To Use Artificial Plants As Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving is oftentimes described as one of the warmest and most family-friendly holidays. Through the crisp fall air and amidst the comfort food at the dining room table, decorating with Thanksgiving décor is a fun activity. Faux plants can have a major role in decorating for Thanksgiving. Here’s how to use them and where to put them.

Dress Your Planter

Choose a new Thanksgiving-themed or fall-ready planter in which you can repot a fake plant alongside autumn-friendly accessories like sand, rocks, and wood chips.

Less Is More

Think of the best fall home décor. They aren’t big showy pieces. They’re often small and fairly minimalist. Take this into account. Keep yours small. Set up little bouquets of fall colors, signage, and greenery on end tables, bathroom counters, and small areas like on bookshelves or countertops.

Don’t Distract

Thanksgiving is a beautiful time of year. As important as the décor may be, you don’t want it to be in the way of anything or overly distracting. Take any indoor faux plants this fall and hug the wall with them. Fill the room with what you have but unless it’s the dining room table, the centerpiece they should not be.

Dining Table Centerpiece

Especially with family gatherings for Thanksgiving, create a dining room table centerpiece. Assemble together arts and crafts-style fall décor and artificial plants. Scenery like hints of corn, pumpkins, and gourds can all add a lot.

Create A Wreath

Another fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving is by creating a wreath from a mix of faux plants, flowers, leaves, and representations of autumn colors. This is a nice way to repurpose fake houseplants.

Fall Colors

Autumn’s colors are what you can gravitate to if you want to make it easy. Using the same greenery you used in the summer or past seasons, by surrounding them with oranges, browns, fallen leaf reds, and similar farmhouse-esque colors is more than enough to communicate Thanksgiving.

Distressed Looks

While spring and summer are filled with blooms and thriving plants, autumn is more about the preparation towards winter. Fake plants in Thanksgiving décor can often have a stressed aesthetic. This is something you can buy beforehand or work on creative at home DIY-style.

Mix In Real Nature

Be imaginative with your fake plants in fall. Bring in elements from outdoors, like fallen leaves, pinecones, and bare branches. These things can drastically change the look of any artificial greenery and signify a coming of winter.

Bundle Branches

Even if you don’t want to go outside and bring in dirty, wet leaves, a bundle of branches and repurposed wood that’s either restained or used as signage is another creative Thanksgiving greenery décor idea.

Add A Candle

Another nice item to throw into the mix is a candle at a safe distance. There’s nothing like the flame of a lantern or candle glowing up a nice autumn décor scene or fall greenery. This is something to try if you feel like something’s missing from your fall décor.

There are lots of ways to make supremely expressive and artful décor for autumn. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of using artificial plants for Thanksgiving fall décor. Shop artificial trees, tabletop plants, hanging plants, flower bouquets, and more at

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