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Article: How To Decorate Your Texas Office With Faux Plants

How To Decorate Your Texas Office With Faux Plants

How To Decorate Your Texas Office With Faux Plants

An office and faux plants. They make a perfect match. A touch of green here and there adds feelings of calmness, focus, and productivity.

For the little space that they take up, plants are worth the buy for any office because of all the positives they bring. But what do you do when you actually have the plant in-

Once in a while though, even home decorators and interior designers can get a little stumped deciding what faux plants to buy for an office, where to put them, and what the finished arrangement should look like.

This is how to decorate your office in Texas with faux plants, sharing a few helpful tips and tricks from the experts at Artiplanto.

Privacy Barriers

You may want to separate certain parts of an office. To do that, instead of using a traditional privacy barrier, craft one with artificial plants and freestanding shelving or a collection of faux plants arranged in a line.

Large Artificial Tree

Did you know they make some artificial trees up to 10” in height and even larger than that – exciting! Try a Bird of Paradise artificial tree or something similar and set it in an empty corner. Greenery like this will help add a spark where you may not have one.

Inside The Break Room

A break room should have a noticeably different feel than the main work area. Set up an area rug, add some nice touches of décor and artificial plants, and focus on creating a relaxing environment where employees can come to de-compress.

Plant At Your Desk

Plants reduce office stress. Even a fake one. When you have a plant at your desk or next to a workspace, this helps you focus, be productive, and can decrease feelings of anxiety. You may want to offer artificial plants to your employees for this very reason.

Hang A Wreath

An artificial wreath made from faux plant materials can be an excellent way to make a first impression. A wreath doesn’t have to sit directly on a door, either. They work on gates or in a window, or can even be mounted on a wall.

Both Sides Of A Pathway

If you want to indicate a path to walk, in an open-concept room or outdoors, you can use something like artificial boxwood topiary plants or a collection of unique-looking fake plants arranged in a lineup and spaced apart in a design-friendly way.

An Office Centerpiece

If you really want to make a big deal from your artificial plants, you can take something like an artificial Hawaii Kwai palm tree and make it a centerpiece to the room. This works great in a waiting room for customers or guests. Create a visually appealing gathering area with your artificial tree or plants attracting the eye and hopefully the person to the spot you have in mind.

Faux Plants On The Wall

Make use of your walls. Many of them may be empty and begging for something to add to them. A shelf with some décor. A hanging plant on a wall hook or mounted from the ceiling down. Artificial plants shaped and arranged in a pattern on smaller wooden shelves. You have any number of possibilities. 

Artificial plants are a trendy office décor choice. Feel free to let us know how you intend to decorate your Texas office with faux plants at We’d love to know! Shop with Artiplanto today.

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