You have lots of reasons to buy a faux plant in California. There’s no maintenance. They don’t cause allergies. Artificial plants are budget-friendly. They can help improve mood and work productivity.

A major reason why artificial plants in California are so popular is that aesthetically they look amazing. And at all times. There is no struggling to keep a fake plant watered and/or properly cared for. What you see when you take it out of the box is exactly what it’s going to look like a year from now. It’s a home décor style you can rely on and build around. Some California decorators will even rotate faux plants out seasonally to add variety to their properties.

If you’re new to the world of faux plants and trees, here is a how to find the best faux plant for your home.


A major consideration is size. When buying faux plants online, pay attention to the size. If you already have a place in mind in terms of placement, you know what you’re working with. The plant’s dimensions have to fit.

Fortunately, plants come in all sizes. Tabletop plants. Large faux trees extending up to 10” and above. There are all sorts of ways to craft a statement-worthy artificial plant.

Type Of Plant

There are lots of types of artificial plants, from faux tropical palm trees to more classic California houseplants, small bushy trees, and succulents. We can almost guarantee there’s a fake plant somewhere out there for everyone.

It never hurts to browse. Look through the varieties. Note anything you think that could resonate with your style.


Artificial plants range in price and that’s for a reason. The material and the detail. Let’s start discussing the material. They can be made from cheap plastic and fabric, failing to capture the realism of a plant. Avoid those.

Search out premium artificial plants, i.e. those that are made from high-quality plastics or silk. In California, the last thing you want is a cheap fake plant that actually looks fake sitting on your windowsill.


Now, the detail. The realism. If your fiddle leaf potted plant looks faux, it’s going to bother you. Anyone would say the same. You want a plant that looks real, with the level of detail you exclusively find in premium faux plants.

Mimicking the look of a real plant requires an eye for detail and the hand of an artist. Buying artificial plants in California online from Artiplanto, rest assured you are receiving a plant that’s difficult to tell apart from the real thing.


This point is less a question of what the best faux plant is and rather, how you intend to highlight what you have. Accessorizing your plant can mean things like buying a cute, trendy planter, arranging plants in a garden format, or incorporating other materials like stones, fake soil, glassware, wood, and other décor.

There is no shortage of options when it comes to how to present an artificial plant.

Shop high-quality premium faux plants in California at and buy them online. Delivery is available anywhere in California. Find small to large artificial plants, perfect for every room. See the detail and artistry captured in all of our handcrafted plants in person. Get yours today.
Andrew Lu