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Article: How to Decorate Your Modern Office with Plant Baskets?

How to Decorate Your Modern Office with Plant Baskets?

How to Decorate Your Modern Office with Plant Baskets?

We all are so engrossed in the fast pace of our work lives that very seldom we look up and stare at the ceiling or even observe the surroundings in our office space. 

Do you want to change the boredom in your modern office space and add a wow factor to your modern office? You will be surprised that a simple addition will not only make everyone's head rise to the ceiling but create a great conversation starter and bring a positive, welcoming vibe. If you have answered yes or if you are simply planning to transform your modern office space; read on to discover how adding creative plant baskets can change things 


If you are going for a minimalistic look and looking for something that is one of a kind yet artistic to compliment a modern vibe of your office space then a bamboo plant basket is the best solution. As no two bamboo plant baskets are the same in shape or size and are carefully crafted by artisans using sustainable elements. Further as bamboo planters are not too bright in color this makes them a perfect match to pair with a small fern to a vibrant flowering faux plant. Also as most offices have a blue or a grey colour scheme if you are looking to add a splash of white into the decor mix bamboo plant baskets are perfect!


If the landscape in your office flaunts a strong diversity vibe; where there are many bohemian influences then jute plant baskets are a great fit. Along with blending in with the boho theme jute plant baskets are made by incorporating diverse weave patterns which makes them look very elegant. Further every jute plant basket is unique as the weave work on every basket is very unique. To make sure a jute basket plant augments your office space, place them as centerpieces with small or large plants in the middle of the room or tucked away in the corners to create a cozy vibe. 


Without getting too much into the fine details of old is always gold, if your office space can handle the flair of something antique then don’t shy away from experimenting with a brass plant basket. Yes you heard it right! Brass plant baskets are not a forgotten thing of the past artiplanto has a fine selection of antique handcrafted planters that are perfect for large faux plants to be displayed either in a boardroom or a lounge area in a modern office. 

There is nothing captivating than using plant baskets to add a natural vibe to a modern office space. So it is very important to choose the right plant basket to compliment the plant or things will be off despite the many hours you put into making things work. Further when you get the combination right this will also help to add color and variety almost instantly to a rather boring space!  

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