10 Contemporary Planter Choices for Your Living Room

Plants are and have been one of the most flaunted accessories in every living room. As every living room has a special story to tell, contemporary planters are a great way to compliment any decor scene. 

Whether you decide to buy a planter to add a creative touch in your living room or spice things up in your boring decor scene — either way finding the perfect planter does not have to be tough. Read on to find the right match for your faux plants that will transform any interior space. Before you think about any quick fixes and choose a plastic planter for your living room, think again and explore the options mentioned below.   


Whether you are a minimalistic or a big fan of creating a splash with greenery, a bamboo planter is a must have. Bamboo planters are a great choice for any living room — as they just blend in very easily and bring flexibility, versatility. Whether you choose bright contrasts or bland solid colors both choices work really well to fill any space with a contemporary charm that will be irreplaceable. Further bamboo planters also have a way to create height variation to make small plants look elegantly taller. They are also a great solution to make corners appear strong and complete any space by making the plant a focal point instantly. 


Everything grey does not always have to be frowned upon. Sometimes choosing grey is a great way to unleash a rustic vibe. It may seem like a not so obvious choice, but picking a concrete planter to dawn a contemporary look in your living room is a cool choice. The rustic ambiance, a concrete planter brings when paired with faux plants in your living room is just beautiful. Concrete planters are also a perfect addition to pair with a small or a medium sized plant alongside a window or a table as their color blends in well.


If simplicity is something your living space yearns and you are thinking about adopting a natural element then a — wood planter is a perfect fit. 

Made from environmentally friendly elements, wood planters are the best way to pull off an instant contemporary charm. Further they come in many sizes and shapes, which make it perfect for a small or a big living room. Wood planters are also insect resistant if you pick the ones that are treated with glossy varnish which not only looks great, but is the easiest solution to augment a living room. When choosing a wood planter always go for darker hues as they do not wash out easily and work well with any interior color scheme. 

We hope you enjoyed reading our recommendations above and find the perfect contemporary planter to add a touch of freshness. Contemporary planters are a great way to add some drama and improve the ambiance. Another big reason contemporary planters are gaining popularity as they have the power to add depth and a wow factor to any living room, without spending a lot of money.

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