For those working with very limited space, one way to have a garden is to work vertically with shelving or a plant wall. This is a modern, space-saving way to create something green and aesthetically beautiful. Even better, you can use premium fake plants to get it done and totally avoid the risks and complications that come with real plants. This is how to create a basic artificial plant garden wall.


Pick Your Wall


Choose a location for your artificial plant garden and start thinking about what sort of plants you might want.


Shelving V. Panelling


You can make an artificial plant garden from either panels or shelving. Shelving is best for artificial plants because you don’t need to destroy or cut up the plant like you do to get them across a panel. That said, you have a few different ways to set up a faux plant garden wall:


  • Build your own custom shelf out of wood and/or other materials.


  • Set up a metal grid on which you can hang different planters and structure a unique plant presentation.


  • Stack up wood bins, making your faux plants stick out in the open spaces.


  • Mount individual planters against the wall and create a wall of mounted planters in the absence of a freestanding shelf.


Choose Any Type Plant


There is no limit on what faux plants are best for an artificial garden. You can do succulents, artificial palm trees, small tabletop ferns, or anything you want. It’s all how you see it and what you want to do with your wall.


Large Plant V. Small Plant


Be careful mixing and matching plant sizes. For the most part, you want to make things appear uniform. This means going with either a small or large aesthetic.


If you go for large artificial plants, have the space to make everything large and work symmetrically in how you shape your wall. Most plant walls are made from collections of small tabletop faux plants, by comparison, which most find easier to work with.


No Need For Watering


A major issue with real plants and putting them in vertical formation is they require water. A circulatory system of water though isn’t something you need with faux plants. Thankfully! No garden kits or plant wall kits are needed, either.


Choose Your Planter


There are lots of planters out there, some more colorful than others. A faux plant garden wall is best done simple. Your planters shouldn’t distract from the beauty of your plants. Try to find modern-minimalist planters to invest in.


Create Structures


A vertical garden often includes lattice structures around which you can entangle vines and branches. Though not every artificial plant garden is perfect for lattice, some sort of vertical structure can be helpful in holding your plants in a certain shape.


Shape And Fill In Gaps


You can shape premium fake plants easily and give them the exact shape you want. When doing so, make them lush and full. Fill in all gaps. Spread out the greenery and make your wall look completely plant-covered.


The sky is the limit. Put your creativity to work and make the ultimate plant wall! Shop premium planters and realistic artificial plants at today.

Pedro Capitao de Salles