As the summer closes up, a new season is ushered in. Come end up September, it’s fall! Autumn brings with it so many new colors and feelings, and it’s a real big opportunity to refresh your landscaping and home décor.


Autumn and winter can both be very sparse when it comes to the natural surroundings. You aren’t left with a lot of green which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s a part of the season. That said, keeping things feeling vibrant and alive will mean having to pull in your best artificial plants, whether that’s artificial palm trees reminiscent of summer or succulents, ferns, fiddle leaf plants, Monstera, Bird of Paradise, or olive tree plants.


How you use fake plants in an autumn setting can be tricky. You don’t want a lot of dead tree branches sprawled in a yard with the occasional faux plant here and there. It will only make artificial greenery look even more artificial.


How To Present Faux Plants To Refresh Your Outdoor Look


The proper way to use faux plants in a fall outdoor space is to give them distance from the environment around them.


  • Set up a tabletop plant as a centerpiece in the middle of your outdoor patio table. In a modern-minimalist planter, this is a nice way to feature a premium faux plant.


  • Put a plant in the 3-5 foot range in a planter in the corner of your patio or somewhere that appears a little empty. A fake plant doesn’t need to be a big feature. It can simply be a type of décor to brighten up your outdoor look.


  • Set up your faux plants in pairs. Line a walkway. Line stairs. Set them up symmetrically on your deck or patio. You can do this with artificial trees, smaller plants in mounted planters along a wall, or even artificial boxwood topiary plants.


  • Pick out a faux flower arrangement from to add color to your outdoor setting. You can add faux flowers and faux plants with a hanging wreath or a pre-made fake plant arrangement in a planter of your choosing.


What Other Home Décor You Can Blend In With Faux Plants


Faux plants are not plants. They’re more home décor than plant. In putting together your outdoor space, giving things a refresh often involves blending in other décor alongside your chosen greenery.


This might mean switching out pillows. Adding a cozy firepit to overcome those colder autumn days and nights. Blending in a new premium rug into the décor or adding weatherproof fall blankets to keep warm while you’re outside in a chair or on the couch.


Decorating with color, texture, and visual rhythm in mind, nothing is like a fake plant. There aren’t any substitutes, especially in fall when trying to keep alive a real plant can be such a challenge. Even better, near that first snowfall, you can either bring those plants indoors and repurpose them in other ways for winter, or put them in storage and wait for when it’s warm enough to take them out again.


See what colorful green faux plants can do for your space. Shop unique artificial plants that are realistic, detailed, and made from the most premium materials at today.

Pedro Capitao de Salles