Plants indoors have been a trend for centuries. When we bring nature indoors, it lowers anxiety, makes a room feel more vibrant, and adds a touch of natural color that you won’t get from any other form of décor.


A lot of people are attracted to real plants in how to decorate indoors. The thing about real houseplants, however, is that they can be very difficult to keep alive and looking their pristine best.


Some plants will survive indoors but many won’t. If you happen to enjoy the aesthetic of a plant that isn’t supposed to be kept indoors and you buy it anyway, the likelihood of it maintaining the appearance you desire is unlikely… unless it’s a faux plant.


Realistic premium faux plants are sought after and used by many interior designers, home décor experts, and event decorators to style a wide variety of rooms. They’re reliable. They’re consistent in their aesthetic. They also require no time investment. There’s no watering or no care required to keep them alive. Here is how you can decorate with fake plants intelligently, creatively, and effectively.


Welcome Your Guests


Faux plants are often used in entryways, near doorways, and near entrances. They’re an ideal way to welcome guests into a relaxing and harmonious environment. In a floor planter or on a table, faux plants provide a nice texture to open your room with.


As far as what premium fake plant is best for an entryway or anywhere else, there is no golden rule. It’s all up to you.


Accent V. Centerpiece


Some artificial plants you might want as a centerpiece but others are better as home décor accents. A plant can function as both, depending on where in the room it is. The beauty is there aren’t any rules about what houseplant goes where, however, be aware of whether you’re seeking a centerpiece or an accent because you may style it slightly differently depending.


Most opt to use artificial plants as home décor accents and to support the existing aesthetic present in the room.




You don’t want a fake plant that’s too large or small. For a large room, you can have a massive artificial palm tree spreading out its branches and filling the area. In a smaller room though, a massive tree can look unnatural. Get the right measurement and always try to find a space-appropriate premium faux plant.


By comparison, in a small home office, a small bedroom, or a condo or apartment, you can decorate with premium faux plants by having a small fake plant on your office desk, sitting on a shelf, or somewhere out of way.


Your Pot Or Planter


A planter can distract. This is why most people gravitate towards something modern, simple, minimalist, and/or mid-century with their planter to complement their fake plant. As you style your plant, remember, try not to overpower it with a busy-looking planter. Keep it simple.


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Plant Combinations


You don’t need to flood the room with greenery but plants in pairs or small combinations can really explore one’s creativity. There are limitless faux plant arrangements out there, with faux flowers, succulents, trees, hanging plants, and so much more that you can pull in.


You can opt to keep them in separate planters or cluster them all together in a large garden planter.


Find hundreds of impressive, realistic premium faux plants at today. Style your home and make a statement.

Pedro Capitao de Salles